Sunday, November 25, 2012

Much Needed Call to Mommy


Hey Shiners and Shinettes…Yes it has been a while, but I have been taking a much need break and spending time with the kids.  After school, I vowed to spend so much more time with them and I have been doing just that.  Never the less….I’ve been motivating behind the scenes but I’m ready to get back at motivating the blog world as well if you will have me.

Well let me get to the meat of this post!!  I missed a phone call from my mom yesterday (Saturday night).  I looked at the phone, and decided to put the phone down and relax, before calling her back however; I got a pull that said, “Hey call her back NOW” so I did.  Let me tell you, it amazes me that, even though we are two different people, with our own families, and on many occasions have gone through the same things.  

While speaking with her, my mom asked me did I read my “Daily Bread” I said no not as of yet.  She said well you have to read it.  I located my devotional and began to read.  As I finished, I sat in silence and so did she.  This hit home for her (US).  In our silence, I began to tear up because; I knew what this meant for me. 

See, I have been going in one direction when God was telling me “NO.”  This is what I read….”When God says no to our requests, we can be sure it’s for the best.”  Yes, I have been requesting for a certain thing and I have gotten no response...well technically I have been told “NO”.  Now as I talk to my mom, she says, see I have wanted to sell the house and move to Virginia, but God has been telling me “NO”.  My mom stated, I don’t know why I’m still here, I was supposed to be in VA by now but I’m not.  I read this passage and she said that God is telling me “NO”. 

See in my situation, I am tired of helping (I am grateful for my job….BUT) and motivating behind the scenes and it is time for me to take another step in the right direction.  See guys, the more I have been told “NO” I wasn’t paying attention at all and wanted to do my own thing, and becoming frustrated by the minute, when all this time he (GOD) was telling me “NO” child I have something better for you.  Goodness, ever since I spoke to my mom on Saturday night, I have felt so much better.  Therefore, to my mom who I know is going to read this…(She is a fan) Thanks for picking up the phone!

Many times, we may want to ignore a call or just get back to it on our own time, but sometimes….it’s best to call right back, because you never know what positive message/word will be delivered to help your life!

Seen you soon…and I mean soon (THE BREAK IS OVER)

Ms. Positivity!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Willingness to Change

Hey there Shiners & Shinettes….I hope all is well with everyone!
As I should be working, I felt the need to blog.  Yes darlings, when the mood hits me I try to run with it.
 As you look at the title, you may say what is this all about, well let me tell you.  Many times, we may want to change but many things that keep us from change.  To be honest-I myself have fallen victim to this many times.  Granted I am as positive as can be but I am human as they come. 
As I read my word this morning (I understand that not every one is of the same religion, but this will help you as well) I cam across a devotional that had the title just like the one above.  Instantly it stopped me in my tracks, why, because I feel that we all have to have a strong willingness to change.  Many times, we may sit and get to a critical point on our lives before we actually stop and profess that we need to change. 
Let me fill you guys in on some things, and how this applied to me because, I know we all have different situations. 
A while a go I said that I wanted to change for the better, I took small steps towards this change and thought that this was all good well and fine.  HOWEVER, I still kept seeing myself frustrated, annoyed, sad, angry, and not focused.  I said that I was not going to keep falling back into the same situation and habits that kept me that way.  I would be good for a few days and I was right back at square one.  HA silly little girl, I said I had the willingness to change but who was I fooling.  Mind you----this continued to happen repeatedly, until this past Friday.  I had so called friends driving me to continue my behavior through their behavior. Deep down, it was never them; it was my level of willingness to change.  It was weak and that is why I continued to be aggravated by their actions.  See Shiners & Shinettes…people are going to be who they are and we can no longer sit and blame them for how WE act.  WE have to have the divine will power to change. 
Well I did it…I removed the issues….yes ISSUES from my life because I know that I have the will to change for the better.  I am not one to make excuses, I have always owned up to my part of the foolery that I added to my life.  I am owning up to my part and going to make a change.  I have removed some people from my life because I want to be healthy.  Some people and their behaviors are toxic and I choose “LIFE”.  To get my LIFE back to the way it needs to be, happy and fulfilling.  Not finding away back to square one. 
Now when we want that good change, we have to understand that it is not going to be easy, and we will feel uncomfortable for a while, test and much more will present themselves (I know this first hand) but hold strong and fight.   
All of this to say Shiners & Shinettes….if you want change, do what you have to do and hold on tight.  No matter that the vice is, smoking, drinking, losing weight, eating, living, or letting some other bad habit go.  Having that WILLINGNESS to change is at you fingertips.  A better life, a better mind and a better YOU is waiting to flourish!

Ms. Positivity

Monday, August 27, 2012

Never too Late to Celebrate

Shiners and Shinettesssss! Hello, Hello, Hello to you all!

Goodness, I know I have been away for a while, but it was good reason. Never the less I AM BACK and I do not plan to go away again.

As you notice the title, I have a few things to celebrate. I was supposed to have blogged when this all went down, but life has been moving so fast….so let me catch you all up as fast as I can. August is almost over and I tell you wonderful peeps that it has been so full of things to celebrate!

Let’s see, the first week of August, my daughter turned 13 years old! Now that is major. She had a great sleep over, equipped with food, friends, laughs, screams, hey ice cream bowls, scary stories, music and tons more.

To be honest, I have missed you all so much in the blogsphere. Keeping my head in the books took so much time away from being able to indulge as I used to before. But enough of that…I’m back and ready to get back to inspiring, motivating, uplifting, laughing and participating with all of you and I know may of you missed that but stuck with me during my journey.

 Next, I finally did it. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Applied Behavior Analysis). I finished everything on August 14th. I am so relieved that-that part of the journey is over as well. Therefore, I’m doing the happy dance because I did not quit. It was tough, but baby let me tell ya it is so worth it!

Lastly, but so not least Positively Shining has turned 1 year old!!! I started out a year ago, with one idea and it turned into something awesome and it will-IS only going to get better. I have the time to dedicate to this full time now and I am elated to express it. If any one knows me, I love to motivate you darlings to the fullest. WELLLLLLL, that’s what you’re going to get to the MAX.

With that said, I am inviting all of you to help me celebrate all of these wonderful things by welcoming Positively Shining back home….because without all of you there is NO ME!

Ms. Positivity

Sunday, May 27, 2012



Hey Shiners and Shinettes!  Yes, it has been a while but I have been getting one-step closer to my Bachelors degree and I will graduate in August of this year!  

Alright, let me get back to the point of this post.  Lately I have been seeing so many good people frustrated over another’s foolish actions.  When I see this, it saddens me because I know they are good people.  Well to this, I say the buck stops right here and now!  It is time to stand up for what you believe in and take your happiness back.  It is not for them to take and it is time to put up the “I’M NOT HAVING IT SIGN” and stand by it to the fullest. 

See darlings, we cannot allow these type of people to come in and try to rock our worlds leave us frustrated, confused, angry and ready to fight.  That is where they want us to be-in the depths of misery just like them.  As the saying goes misery loves company.  Moreover, to that I say, “I’M NOT HAVING IT” I rather be alone than to deal with negativity like that. 

These people are jealous of your calmness, smiles, laughter, or anything that keeps you on the up and up.

So how do we get rid of them?  You would think this is an easy answer, which it is, however, so many do not follow their own rules.  These days, we cannot keep giving these people the power to get to us.  All it takes is a small crack and they are in and thus the reap havoc on our lives.  Well here is how we stop them. Here are the rules and the penalty for breaking any of the rules are the “I’M NOT HAVING IT SIGN AND TOTAL DISMISSAL FROM OUR LIVES”
1. If they are negative
2. If they LIE
3. If they pray on your downfall
4. Constantly talking about someone
5. Stealing
6. Bragging to bring you down
7. Don’t lift you up
8. Never there for you but you for them
9. Cheat
10. Betray you
11. Never sees eye to eye to keep you arguing
12. Never supports you

I know there are much more but this is just a start…if we can apply this to any of the people around us then they deserve the penalty for it.  It is time to set our standards once again and hold others accountable. There is no need in asking why they are like this.  They will not change and they should be removed.  How many times can we allow someone that we know to practice these acts?  It is hard at times but I say “I’M NOT HAVING IT” and you will be removed.  Keep positive people around you, who are for you and want to keep you up and positive.  Trust me you will see the difference in no time.  

Therefore, it is time to stop the ranting and raving and get to cleaning up our positive aura….Negativity does not look good on any of us!  


Sunday, April 29, 2012


      Hello Once again Shiners and Shinettes!

      Oh this post is on a mission….I “GOT A NEW ATTITUDE!!!”
Let me explain what I mean….My wires got crossed!  I am positive as can be but you know what?  I realized that I am sometimes negative towards myself.  Hey, I never said I was perfect and sure enough I so practice what I preach!  I think that we all go through this at times.  Well I had to catch myself, and lately some things have been hitting me like a brick.  I have been going through some trials, work issues, weight issues, confidence issues, compliment acceptance…darlings I feel like I am going out of my mind.  I have actually stared at myself in the mirror and said “Melissa WTH is wrong with you get it together.” 

 It is funny that my mom called me one day, we started talking, and to be honest we learned from each other.  I began speaking to her about my job issue, and then she said something…”it will happen when God wants it to happen” Ah Ha!  That was it!  I wanted this job issue to happen on my time.  Granted they gave a deadline and I am expecting them to hold good to it.  I became frustrated and even angry to be honest.  I like many do not like to be toyed with and I am trying to live my life and take care of my family.  However, I forgot about what I am supposed to do.  I am supposed to let God do his work and be patient.  Now it gets deeper, as we continue to talk she is telling me her story.  As she finished, I said well mom did you talk to God about it.  She admitted, no for some reason I wanted it done when I wanted it done.  Ha, how about we just learned the same lesson but different situations. 

See darlings we can only do but so much before, we realize that, we are not in control here at all.  We may get down on ourselves about so many things but as long as we seek the lord, the answers will be provided.  Therefore, you know this is why I “GOT A NEW ATTITUDE!”  I will no longer forget to seek him when I need him, (he already knows), I will no longer try to make things happen on MY time, I will no longer lack confidence because that is not me I am confident, I will no longer talk negative about my weight.  I got a new attitude yall!  It is so easy to forget the major things in life when the things that really do not matter bog us down!  What matters is to seek the most positive being I know.  At the end of the day we all should get a new attitude and remain positive about any and everything.  Forgetting nothing and remembering that it is ok to obtain “A NEW ATTITUDE!” So from here on out I will continue to do everything that I have been doing beside trying to do things on my time….

So What are you going to get a new attitude about?? Let do this together!

P.S. Thanks mom for the talk!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Too Much Work….NOT Enough Play

                         Too Much Work….NOT Enough Play


Oh, goodness I know it has been a while since my last post, but to be honest, I have had three titles and forgot them all.  Well not this time.  I usually try my hardest to remember a title but dang-nab-it I forgot…..moving along!  LOL

Many of us work, work, and work.  Many of us have forgotten how to be carefree and do what we used to do…”HAVE FUN”  We have to be here, here, and there for this one that one and whoever else.  We are always in demand….but when do we play?  Sheesh to be a kid again….I am sitting here blogging listening to the kids play, shout, laugh and just be kids.  Ahhhhh to be a kid again!  Well you know what-this is one weekend that I do not feel well,but guess who is going to have fun?????  ME That’s WHO! 

I mean really, I so wish that you could hear and see them.  They are all laughing, telling harmless jokes, chasing each other, playing tag, running in and out of the house (yeah that part drives me nuts) but they are having so much fun.  Do you remember being that care free when you were a child??  I know I do!!!  I remember being just like them….being the popular kids, somebody always asking for my brothers and I to come out and play.  It would be non-stop….I would love to get those times back. 

  I know we have to work but hey why can’t we have a day when we say bunk the domestics (unless they are seriously out of control LOL) and do what you want.  Go shopping, buy something nice, buy your favorite dish, do something that you haven’t done in a long time…me…I’m going to jump me some double-dutch, get me a funnel cake (yeah so fattening) and I am not going to do a drop of homework until Sunday afternoon! 

 That’s right I’m doing me…which is having FUN!  I am going to paint my nails, toes, let my daughter play in my hair, sit on the step and listen to the laughter of the kids!  That is fun! 

So Shiners & Shinettes…what will you do to claim some fun back in your life!!! Start today Start NOW!


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Take the First Step!!

 One foot in front of the other!

Hey Hey Shiners & Shinettes….I was thinking and said you know that where would we be if we did not take chances?  I think that many of us would be still standing still and confused. 

Where am I going with this you ask, well walk with me and I will show you.

Many times when we are unsure of the next step we may not step.  Fear keeps us from putting one foot in front of the other.  Last week I wrote about needing a stepladder to pull you up and now I am blogging about taking steps.  The name of the game is to stop standing still and take the grand steps to get to the top.  It is time for us to stop being our own roadblock.  It is time for us to say "you know what I am going to take that first step and whatever happens-happens."

Granted even when we do that we may not achieve the results that we desire….but guess what who cares!  You had the guts to step out of faith and looked it dead in the eyes and said” Fear NOT I can do this~one foot in front of the other!!”  This is how it started even when we were kids…we were so scared to take that first step to do what we have never done before.  Mommy or daddy said come on take that first step and we may have stood there looking so scared.  Then we wanted to get to that special one who raised us, and goodness what did we just do???  We took a step, as scary as that may have been…we took that first step.  Yes, we may have fallen down but the next steps get faster and faster.

See darlings, we cannot be afraid to put one foot in front of the other, we have to keep stepping!!  We have to keep moving for the greater goal in life….the dream is right there waiting for us to snatch it up and have our way.  All the dreams, goals, love, test, designs, meetings, jobs, hugs, phone calls, words, phrases, even apologies are waiting for you to put one foot in front of the other and take that first step. 

Do not let the unknown keep you from doing what you love, all you need to do is put that one blessed foot in front of the other and keep on stepping!  You have the ability to do anything just make sure that you take the deep breathe, and pick up your foot and take that great step towards your dreams! Its waiting for you! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Need A Step Ladder???

Hey there Shiners & Shinettes!
I’m back and on the move again towards my long life goal….you guessed it Positivity! (Not that it went any where)
I know I have stepped back from writing but…that has all ended.  So here goes!!!

                                                              Step Ladder


Have any of you wonderful Shiners/Shinettes used a step ladder before?? I’m sure that you have…if not you just may have stepped on a good ole chair to boost you up just a bit.  The thing is darlings; we sometimes need a little boost to reach what we want. 
Many times when we want to do something we may not have the proper means to do it, but if we had that step ladder to reach just a bit higher we would be able to accomplish that much more.
Many times we want to give up….Never give up! Get on that step ladder and boost yourself up.  Many times things don’t go our way…Never give up! Get on that step ladder and give yourself that needed boost to look for a different avenue to see new change.
See guys, I needed that step ladder a little while ago.  For awhile, I thought that I could do some things on my own.  I never asked for help and by NOT doing so I began to get the notion to give up!  Well if anyone knows me “IM NO QUITTER”.
I know I can be honest with you darlings….haven’t we all been there when we just want to give up because things are not going our way…no matter how hard we try to make things right?? So if you can say “YES” to this then you know where I am coming from.  Well…I had to tell my stubborn self, that I needed to get up and get a little boost.  Many of us live with negativity day in and day out...well I refused to let that get me down once again!!!!
Negativity comes at us all kinds of ways, for example, words, actions, social networking, family, and mainly US! Yeah I said it OURSELVES!  We-Us-You-Me, will be our worst negative energy when things don’t go our way, when we read or feed into the mess we see before us.  Well I am here to say, STOP these actions and get on the step ladder.
It is time for us to get out of our personal-defiant ruts and step up on that good ole sturdy step ladder of positivity.  Pour positive things into our minds and lives.  No longer will we be the cause of us not being as positive as we can be!!  We will only surround ourselves with positive like minded people, we will turn away from negative news, no gossip, we will not be used and abuse but another's negativity!
We as Shiners and Shinettes are way better than that!
So I ask you Shiner and Shinettes….NEED A STEP LADDER!??  If so you can borrow mine!  Sharing is caring and best believe I care about each and every one of you!!  Soooooo let's get on the good foot and Step up for Positivity!

~Positive We Stand~

Ms. Positivity!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I miss you.....Positivity Shines AGAIN!

Hey there Shiners and Shinettes!

I know it has been a while for us to chat and for that I am deeply apologetic.

Granted I have been away with the major new changes at work, new changes in my life (engaged), school (finals) and new changes to come I have missed you guys dearly!  When I say that I am entirely sincere.

Each of you that I know and even if I don't know are like my second family.  You know when you are away for too long you get home sick....and you know what my darlings I am just that home sick!

I have used the word CAN'T so much it hurts.  I can't do this I can't do that! All of these other things drain me to my core but its never a day that goes by that I do not think about you guys!

Sooooooo since I have some time on my hands (finals are over) I wanted to let you wonderful Shiners and Shinettes know that I am back and here to stay!  Each of you are important to me and I can't have you guys feeling as though I don't care or that I went away!

So let's start over, talk through our ups and downs, smile, laugh, and hang in there for we are the meaning of POSITIVITY! I can't help you guys scrub away the negativity and positively shine if I'm not here! Well I am here and we will tackle Negativity to the ground! We will not be bullied into giving up our positivity for negativity away! So Excuse me...I'm Ms. Positivity and We meaning my Shiners & Shinettes will not be broken!  So here is to Positively Shining together!

Positive We Stand!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting Back to "ME" Guest Post by Chasing Joy!!

Absolutely Deciding To Get Back To Being Me

Hey Shinners and Joy Chasers.  A couple weeks ago Ms. Positivity asked me to do a guest post on her themed series of getting back to me.  Of course I was honored to be asked but I also like the idea of her series.  I mean after all the entire reason I started writing the blog Chasing Joy is because I needed to get back t o being me.  I had been through the worst experience of my life (find my story on my about me page on and needed to get back to being my normal happy self.

So how did I get back to being me?  How do you get back to being you when you’ve lost yourself to work, school, kids, relationships, disappointment, stress, grief, or whatever?  For starters who are you?  I think we all have to have a few absolutes we know about ourselves.  Once you have decided on these absolutes you they become your guides, your beacons in the darkness, that guide you back to yourself.

Here are some of my absolutes:
I am smart
I am a good person
I am attractive
I have faith
I am a happy person

Things will happen in life that will cause you to question even doubt your absolutes.  But they are absolutes for a reason.  No matter what happens you do not abandon your absolutes.  No matter what anyone says, anyone does, or what happens I refuse to believe anything contrary to the statements above. 

Two years ago my dad died.  I had prayed so hard for healing for him but that was not God’s plan.  I was and still am heartbroken.  Now at that time I could have given up on my faith.  I could have said how can there be a God that would let this happen?  But I didn’t.  Now I was feeling lower than ever in my life and I guess you could say I was angry with God. Regardless of how I was feeling in that moment I decided that I was not going to give up on my faith. 

So that very night I said my prayers.  Now I will admit that my heart was not in it and I kind of just went through the motions.  I think my prayer went something like “God, I don’t know what to say”.  But the point is I was still talking to him and despite all the pain that I was in I still believed.  I had made a decision that part of what it is to be me is to have faith. So no matter what I will have Faith.
The fact of the matter is no matter what happens in life, if you stick to your absolutes, what it means to be you, you will never completely lose yourself.  You will always come back to being you.  You may get of your game sometimes.  Life may get the best of you.  But, even if it takes a while, when you know the absolutes that make you who you are, you will find your way back to being you.
Who are you? What are your absolutes? What are the qualities about yourself that you can fall back to bring you back to being you???

Hope you all liked her piece! Check her out on Twitter and on Facebook!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting back to Me....Guest Post by Krystle Talley

                                   Getting Back to Me....His Spoken Words

After I graduated magna cum laude from college, I went from being a full time worker to being a full time mother and army wife. Although this new situation may have felt like an awesome break to some women, I didn’t feel “like me” being stuck at home all day every day while everyone else was out presumably working hard. I’ve always considered myself a hard worker. I have held down a good job ever since I was sixteen years old as president of the cooperative office education program in high school up until I became an employee with the Davidson County Sheriff’s office in Nashville, Tennessee.

So, it’s safe to say that this transition from working hard to not working at all (so I thought) was extremely hard for me and so unlike whom I thought I would be. According to my past desires and plans, I was supposed to be a lawyer by now. As a Christian, I started praying about where my life should be headed. I realized that God was waiting on me tell him what was on my heart. So one day I went to my secret place, and I told him.

Finally, I heard God speak to me.

I felt God whisper his assurance to me that everything I had done up to this point was for a reason. He softly said that I should not keep holding on to the burden of being helpless or making ill decisions. God said, “Working hard isn’t just about being on a 9 to 5, but it is about occupying my time to help those who otherwise wouldn’t receive it from others.” Working hard is not just vindicated by getting a paycheck every two weeks but about getting a blessing from Him to spread to others, especially those closest to me.

I started to understand that I should be taking my position at home more serious. Although I wasn’t getting up and going outside my home to work every day did not mean that I didn’t have a job to do. My husband still needed to be prayed for daily and my son still needed his mother to be there to back him up educationally and emotionally. That takes work. I needed to be occupied with encouraging my husband to be the best working man outside of home and encouraging my son to be the best growing boy he can be. That takes work, primarily if we want our home to be blessed regardless of what kind of income is coming in. I mean, who else is going to really pray for covering over MY family.

Once I started focusing more on doing these things I felt a burden being lifted off of my shoulders. So I prayed to God more and thanked Him for enlightening me. He then spoke to me again, reassuring me that I was headed in the right direction. I could feel him hug me and say, “Keep going. Let them see me.”

So one morning I found myself creating The Christian Chameleon. Honestly, I don’t know how I came up with that name. In essence, creating this website and enhancing this brand was not just because I was bored, sitting at home and needing an outlet. It was more spiritually geared towards being obedient to God and finding a way to reach others who wouldn’t otherwise be reached using other avenues.

This new blog is my work. It’s my way of occupying God’s time to incorporate His word into mainstream media and other social issues we deal with in today’s world. Working on The Christian Chameleon was my way of getting closer to God, thus getting back to ME. I encourage anybody out there to really take time, get in their secret place, and speak to God. Tell him what’s on your heart. I promise that your words to Him will not return to you void. He listens and he hears everything we speak to him. Just wait on it. Your confirmation is coming. It may not be in the form of a blog or working a 9 to 5, but I assure you it’s coming. Don’t give up and think that you’re failing or your time is wasting, because God always has our footsteps ordered before we even know where they’re going.

Be inspired, but STAY inspired.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Greatness!!! I said GREATNESS!

Hey there Shiners....

This is one of those times where the mood is hitting me so I am going to let it flow. 

What do you think of when you hear the word greatness?? 

I am wondering if any of you added yourself into any of the list of things that came to mind. 

To many times we think less of ourselves because we may not be exactly where we want to be in life but to be honest we are exactly where we belong.  We want to move forward and that is GREAT! We want to reach higher and that is GREAT! We want to be the best and that is GREAT! Why because we are great!

You may not see it but you were born for a reason.  We all have our own little part to play in this huge movie we call life.  Each charater has his/her own role and it is important.  Can you imagine being the leading man/lady and not having eachother??  It would be a total mess.  Who would make sure that you remembered your lines, the movie would not flow properly. 

We are all born from greatness....I will say it again....WE WERE BORN FROM GREATNESS!  We are special in everyway.  I see so many young adults like myself at one point that thought less of themselves but that will stop here because we are Great! We are doing big things, turning small thoughts into big dreams, changing for the better, loving more, opening up more and even shedding a single tear because at one point we were so guarded.  This is GREATNESS!  To be able to let go and let the lord above do his works within us.  To reach and do things that we never thought that we would ever be doing. We can not stop here because it is not meant to be.  We are to reach beyond the stars and snag one for ourselves and keep our greatness shining as bright as we can.

So My Shiners...I ask you again what do you think of when you hear the word greatness??

I Pray with everything I have you are now on that list of things because you are just that...Great!

Never let no one or nothing try to tell you or show you that you are anything less than GREATNESS!
Its been in all of us since day one!

I love you all

Ms. Positivity!!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting back to Me....Guest Post by Dina


                                                             Finding Dina

Ten years ago I was in my 20s, I was a full time student and I had a part time job.  I met and started dating my husband; we fell in love and decided to get married that year. Everything was working out perfectly, almost like a modern fairytale.  The most stressful thing about my life at that time was the wedding planning because I wanted it to be perfect.  And it was that desire for perfection that led me to making the worst decision of my life: taking a break from school.

I planned on taking one semester off to have a stress free wedding, a glorious honeymoon and blissful first few months of marriage.  I saw no harm in taking a little break because I only had one more year left to get my bachelors.  I was young and I thought I knew it all, had it all under control.  But one thing you never know is what may be waiting for you around the corner.

That semester off?  You guessed it.  It stretched into years.

The company my husband worked for laid him off and then went bankrupt a few months later.  Many companies followed suit and jobs were hard to come by.  This was 2001, the year of 9/11 when tragedy struck our country and the first whispers of recession were becoming audible.

I found work as a secretary in a hospital, a great job with great benefits.  And we needed those benefits as a young married couple that hoped to start a family someday.  I worked full time and was happy there.  I quietly gave up on my dream of becoming a teacher because I thought it would be too hard to work full time and go to school.

Then one day one of the new doctors was chatting with us while he was waiting for his patient to return from a test in another department.  This doctor looked so young that we liked to call him Doogie Houser.  On this particular day he was telling us about his wife who was pregnant with their second child and by the end of our chat I knew that his wife was to become my inspiration.  This day and this conversation literally changed my life.  Why?  Because this pregnant woman who was already mom to a toddler was also keeping herself occupied by being the Chief Resident at one of the leading hospitals in the state.

And I thought my life was busy?  I thought it would be too hard for me to go back to school?  I was willing to give up on myself so easily?  No.  I needed to get back to ME.

The next day I filled out the application to go back to school and I enrolled in classes for the new semester.  It took me a little bit longer to finish as a part time student, but a couple of years later I graduated, with honors.

Finally.  I was ME again.

You can find more of Dina @30ish_Mama and also where she writes about motherhood, toddlerhood and her random thoughts.  She is married to her own personal Clark Kent/Superman and is mom to one sparkly little princess.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting back to "Me" Guest Post by Chivon Anderson...Finding Me!


                                                               Finding Me

So after a very long break my writers itch has begun to get the best of me. The box of treasure in the form of words and expressions have been unlocked and unleashed. The greatness in me only shared with a few is about to bless the world. These first few blogs are what I will use for practice, to get the kinks out, to stretch lol. After all it has been lying dormant for such a long time. Forgive me if it is not as eloquent as you might expect or if it seems a bit shallow. I am simply giving myself the freedom to be ME with no restraints. (smile).

After talking for a while with a friend and witnessing so many blogs birthed I thought it was time for me to break my silence. I am not one to jump on any bandwagon. As a matter of fact when I see one coming my way, I run in the opposite direction. I like being unique, I love being a trendsetter. It has taken me years to break out of the mold that I have allowed so many others to create for me but today I am finally free. I am the mold, the model, the standard. Lets not get it twisted this is not about self glorification but rather liberation. I'm free to be who God created me to be. And I have been raised for such a time as this to help others become truly free. I have been hurt before which is why I can declare that the Lord's strength is made perfect in my weakness. I have loved, been rejected and found true love, not only in my husband but in God. So I can shout with confidence "WHAT SHALL WE SAY THEN? IF GOD BE FOR ME WHO CAN DARE BE AGAINST ME". "FOR I AM FULLY PERSUADED THAT NEITHER DEATH NOR LIFE, NEITHER ANGELS NOR DEMONS, NEITHER PRESENT NOR FUTURE, NOR ANY POWERS, NEITHER HEIGHT NOR DEPTH, NOR ANYTHING ELSE IN ALL CREATHION WILL BE ABLE TO SEPERATE ME FROM THE LOVE OF GOD THAT IS IN CHRIST JESUS MY LORD.

Romans 8:38-39. It is this perfect love that has cast out all of my fears. I am a Kingdom Kid and their is no denying that. Hate it or love it, I'm here to stay.

To get to know Chivon better check her out on Twitter at @QueenChivs Thank for stopping by Shiners!!! Til next Monday! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Getting back to "Me" Guest Post by Susan Silver

                                             A Story NEVER told

Here is a story rarely told.  Back in May 2010 I was steadily working on a blog with a colleague. That was the proving ground for many of my SEO tactics. We were finally building an audience and then... it ended. Not with a bang but a whimper as they say. My friend informed me that she had been hired and that she had signed a non-competition clause. That was the end of that.

At first I was a little devastated. I think anyone would have responded that way after building something for 6 months. I wasn’t quite sure what the next step was going to be. I had my own personal blog, but it was nothing. I needed a fresh perspective. I saw Darren “Problogger” Rowse’s tweet about the SITS Girls 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge and that seemed like a way out.

At that time, Cirquedumot was just a crazy experiment to show off the power of Twitter. It has become the cornerstone of my blogging experience. Through SITS I finally understood the power of networks, word of mouth, and having support for your ideas.

This seems all off topic right? This is supposed to be about getting back to me, not the tale of where things started. Off topic... the doom and gloom of any blog. It’s called a niche, not my continuing interest in the world & everything. Staying on topic is something any blogger will struggle with.

The bad news, my blog had plateaued at about three months in *faceplant*. My network trailed off and I find myself lost again. I was wondering if our online networks are nothing more than fair weather friends.  I focused on search engine optimization and content. After all, these two aspects where within my control.

I had forgotten something that made those early blogs stand out, heart.


I forgot about heart!

You see those early success were built on the relationships I had with people on the forum. When the challenge ended where was I, not on SITS. Don’t get me wrong content and SEO matter. They will never replace your friends and supporters. They are what keeps us going when the going gets tough. That is what I was missing.

How am I getting back to me?

My blog is all about word of mouth and that means bringing back a sense that there is a person behind the content. I am just going to follow my original mission. Explain marketing mumbo jumbo and give real tips that people can use. My number one goal for the New Year is to treat my blog as the personal journey it represents. After all people relate to people not concepts.

I hope you will continue on this journey with me as we navigate the online world together. I want to take the time to thank Ms. Positivity for her support that has kept me on the path! Thank you everyone who has taken the time to visit, read, and comment! 

To get to know Susan better check her blog out at and you can catch her on Twitter!! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mood Booster Moments...."I just wanted a Chocolate Ricecake"

Hey there Shiners!!

I have not done one of these in a while and with all that is going on in my life and getting back to Living I must tell you I have had some foolery go down in my life.  I have eaten and missed my mouth completely, I have mixed colors in the wash that should have never been together (blue and yellow...ugh) that was one of my fave shirts ya know!!  (giggles) to plopping down on the side of the bed Oh and TOTALLY MISSING IT...(yes my behind met the floor at somebodies 2 am) to this past weekends well lets call it "Supermarket Mayhem"

This mood booster I tell you is something that you would only see on TV but NOOO guess who decided that they wanted to guess star all of a sudden!! Me that's who...LOL  So let me get to it!

     So I have fallen in love with these
So I have fallen in love with these rice cakes.  I even went as far as getting the strawberry cream cheese to go on top just like the packaging. Oh it is sooooo good! I didn't think I would like it but on a whim I tried it and now I just have to have them. Well off to go grocery shopping.  I grabbed the strawberry cream cheese, shopped some more and right before I left I said GASPS I need to get the chocolate rice cakes.

So we search the aisle labels and finally I found it! Nothing wrong yet but you just wait and see.  I'm looking and looking down the aisle and I found them! Right no problem yet! Well here goes nothing....when I find them this is what is in from of them: do you see the blue and yellow little cardboard displays...ok stay focused! The foolery begins now!
So these things are right in from of what I want so what do you I do I move it and hunni this got ugly quick! These things are full of items that should not be here.  So I have to move the one that looks like the blue one.  Well let me tell you that was not a GREAT thing to do because it started to topple over....yessssss Shiners it started to fall over.  So I have my big pocketbook on one arm and this thing trying to fall over.  Ever see this mess in the market but not happening to you...well think again! The cheap thing is not stable and I have to be the one to fake it like "oh everything is alright!"  NO NO NO this bad boy wants to go down. I'm in a panic now because who in the world wants to make a scene!?? Not Ms. Positivity! Shiners I tell you the truth-I am looking like a total fool because this thing is really trying to meet the floor.  So I get some strength and pull it up and lean it...I'm good now...ummmm no I'm's SLIDING! You got to be kidding me...I swear all I want is my rice cakes....ugh! So I have to catch this thing I'm telling it it wanted to slow dance with me but I was surely resisting LOL, strangely enough it is super quiet and no one is in the aisle. Ok Ok Ok I say to this thing...please don't fall pleaseeeee!!  It holds up Shiners! Thank I go looking for my rice cakes and dang it after all of that they don't have not a single one!! I am annoyed to my core...I said oh no you are gonna have at least one of these...I'm on the floor....still eyeing this display, but NOPE none! Soooooo ummmm yeah I must of put the display in front of something that this other lady wanted and ummmmmm Lets just say that I got out of that aisle quick because as soon as she touched the display it fell over! and guess what! She WALKS OFF! 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fighting Back! "Getting Back to ME" Part 3

Chapter 3....I didn't GIVE UP         


Just moments ago I felt off with my story with me fighting my anemia which is a major factor in my life.  I remember it like it was yesterday Shiners.  Again I lay in this bed sleeping away....I wake up wanting to go right back to sleep. I have never just slept the day away-not even when I am sick!

Oh well-once again the fighter in me would not stand for it and I'm NOT! Let me tell you what I did....I got up, got my butt out of bed  and took a shower, washed my hair, did my homework and more.  I kept moving. I turned on some music and kept moving.  I went back and read my blog, I watched my kids play and laugh, I Wii bowled, I just danced to Just Dance 2, I looked at my twitter and saw how so many look forward to communicating and getting their daily dose of Positivity from me.  I looked over my transcripts from school....A+ here B+ there more A's and more A's, Dean' list, President's list.  I am in no way gloating-this is what I had to do to get my mind right because I wanted to give it all up because of this blasted anemia. Then Shiners....I saw it!

I saw it alright....that Bleeping D!  Dang it!! I said all because I am anemic. That D saved me but crushed me. I never had one of them before. So I step back up to the plate this term Shiners and I will have 2 shiny fat A's! Let me tell you why-Because I'm getting back to "ME"

That's and this anemia are going toe to toe!  I'm no quitter-I don't give up at anything!  I will find me in the process.  I will relax, I will eat ice cream, I will laugh, blog my heart out, smile abundantly, and whip anemia's butt!

See I am Ms. Positivity!! I am not mean in any way, I am a loving mother of 2, loving pre-wife of one, God fearing and as long as I have faith the size of a mustard seed I will prevail.  I will take my iron pills, take my B-12(because my body does not produce enough) and Shine as bright as I can for me, and every one I love and care for!  You will see a different me-I will be calm, spunky, witty, funny, and full of life.

This may seem simple, but for one who is dealing with anemia that has knocked me off of my square-it is major!

See Shiners I need you guys....One of my great friends sent me this on Facebook the other day: Kelly Reid
"Have I told you lately how special you are? You are an amazing woman! You are truly an inspiration. Here I am thinking how in the world am I going to balance work and school and then I think of you. Not only an FT employee, a student, a mother (dang good one at that!) a girlfriend, a friend to many and a blogger to name just a handful (among many others hats you wear) ;) Wow!!! Keep it up, you motivate me to be more and do better. Love you!"

See I never knew the affect that I had on people until I started Positively Shining. Without you their is no ME! That is why I have to get back to ME so I can totally Positively Shine for YOU!

So here is to getting back to "ME" The fight I  WE will win TOGETHER! 

So Let's show them how we get back to us! 

The Climax....Prelude to "Getting Back to "ME" Part 2

Chapter 2 of where I left off....

So I will refresh your memory a bit...I was failing, fatigue, anemia, school, kids, work, goodness it just seems like I'm complaining but trust me I'm not!  That is one major thing that I do NOT do is complain.  I suck it up and make the best out of a situation.

The main obstacle is this blasted anemia.  How can I be Ms. Positivity if I am beyond moody?  Anemia makes you this took me a good while to figure out what is wrong with me and it made so many things much clearer.  I mean I love to sleep but this was becoming way to much for me.  I'm 31 why am I in the bed sleeping at somebody's 7:30pm!?!....Oh because I have no more energy to keep my eyes open.  This affects everyone and everything around me.

I prayed-I cried-I slept-I pushed myself to the limits.  This is bad Shiners....sleep trumped so much, even quality time with my kids.  I prayed more, and trust me you don't have to be super religious to not give up and dang it that is what I DIDN'T DO!

This is very frustrating BUT....I refused to give up.....

To Be Continued....

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Less Duty More LIVING.....

Happy 3rd day of the New Year Shiners!

If you look at the title many of you can probably agree that life isn't all about duty but also about living.  I feel that many times we-myself included have forgotten how to live.  This does not apply to everybody but again for many.

Have you ever watched your mood Shiners when duty takes over and you don't get to live?  You know what I mean, the likes of work, children (if it applies) school, being an important person for an organization, care giver etc.  I am not saying these are things that we should ignore but many times they get in our way of living and our mood goes way down. Duty strikes again. GRRRRRR!!!

Well guess what Shiners with this being the New Year and all I say lets start off by getting our positive mood back and LIVE! Yes LIVE!  I feel that we don't do this enough.  We work and work-care for and care for and we forget about our inner peace, happiness and positivity.

Oh well the buck stops here! RIGHT HERE! I know I'm tired.  Let us stop this routine dead in its tracks and live!!!! Lets live Shiners...lets stop putting duty before everything else! We matter just as much as duty matters!

Back burner no more! We will LIVE our days positive and to the fullest from this day forward!

Now lets go and LIVE!!!