Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Put a Smile on Your Face......

As I am sitting here smiling for no good reason the song Put a Smile on your face came to mind......
While growing up my father always said “Smile Girl you look mean”, I always thought to myself well daddy I am just sitting here what is there to smile at?  Have any shiners ever felt that way?  Have you ever had a person just walk pass you and say “hey smile”?  I wonder why so many like I get that reaction.  Well, I noticed that a smile could go a long way.  I clearly understand many days things are not going our way, forgot something, or may have gotten some bad news.  My thing is shiners from infancy our smiles have been so cute, bright, and full of life.  Being as though we had no clue what we were smiling at we still did it and for no reason at all.  Why must we stop this today??  Well, once again it is time to change things a little around here.  I love to smile and that is just what I will do.  I want to smile just because, for no good reason at all and it be alright.  I want people to say why are you smiling and I want to say no reason.  (LOL)  But to be honest there are so many reasons to smile such as being alive to see another day, to meet new people, to help someone in need, love, no drama, a raise, finding money (hey I like this one), new life, even a passing.  Yes, even a passing of a person we love dearly.  We are not actually smiling that they have passed but that they are no longer suffering from an illness, pain, or living life miserable.  For all who have children or (little nieces/nephews, grandchildren) to see your child’s innocent smile should make you smile, that means they are happy for whatever reason, don’t ask them why they are smiling, it should not warrant an explanation just let it shine bright and bring an abundance of warmth.  Look at old photos that you have not seen in a while, let the great memories form a smile on your face.  Bump into an old friend that you have not seen in years bring a smile to your face.  Let a babies coos make you smile, read a good morning text message/email/phone call from someone special or as we are all doing these days blogging and reading blogs, let these things bring a smile to your face. 

We are all in this world together and with so many people let your smile stand out from the rest. Hey, you never know, your smile the one that you are flashing -just because-for no reason may calm someone, brighten someone’s day, or make him or her just want to smile for no reason just like you.

   So let all of your wonderful smiles rain down on the world….it will make it a better place!!!

Smiling for no good reason at all,

Ms. Positivity

Monday, August 29, 2011

Taking back what’s mine…..

Taking back what’s mine…..Me, My Mind, My Positivity!!

I am under arrest but I will not go quietly because I am on a mission to take back what is mine.  

I decided to create this piece because I am sure that many of us have gone through this once or twice or hey many more than that!  What am I talking about? the Negativity with a break up, or a person who has nothing but negativity to spread!  Mainly that bitter break up that drains you every moment it gets.  I have had the pleasure of having many conversations and to be honest I have gone through this myself many times of that bad breakup that drains you.  Well guess what-We have been robbed and I’m taking back what is mine and you should too.  The daily mental struggle of even thinking about this person just makes you sick or breaks your positive mood welp enough is enougggggggggh! Now we know it is bad when all you have to do is hear their name or see them on the street and you feel like “Ughhhh there goes (enter their name here)” Why do we give them so much power? I will tell you why, because these persons have done us wrong, have practiced some shady acts that hurt us or the major kicker that has happened time and time again….the LIES!!! It never goes away because we have not gotten full closure and even a bit of bitterness has surfaced.  Well Shiners I am taking a stand, going in there, and taking back what is rightfully mine.
Here is how WE are going to do it!!!  First, we are going to say if we are not together, then something better is surely on its way.  (Many times, we want to hold on to something that was never meant for us anyway)  Now Shiners, I am not saying get ready to go out on the man/lady hunt I am clearly stating that it is time to let them GO!  It is time to shake the negative mental hold they have on our minds.  So let us snatch it back.

Next is to focus on US! This means to get you right, many times, we change many things to appease another during our so-called dreadful time together.  Well its time to do us, hang out, do positive things, you know-the things we would not usually do because of them.  Snatch that side of you back as well.  We seldom forget who we are while in a relationship but we should NEVER do that act of desperateness.  We were a person/ human being before we hooked up with him/her,  just because we may have felt that we were less than nothing does not mean that it was actually so.  (It was the mind game and I know we were tired of playing)

In addition, I know many are not religious but I do find that a quick prayer asking for mental calmness helps.  I find that when we ask for help from a higher power (not saying that you have to do this it is just a suggestion) it gives us the strength to cope with the feeling of being robbed. 

Lastly, forget about it.  We are not going back, we know what they stand for, they are not going in the same direction as we are, they lied, hurt, and had no care in the world for how we would feel so why give them a single ounce of our positivity,-and they are not worthy.  So Shiners take back what is yours You, Your Mind, Your Positivity!  It belongs to you anyway!

So Here is to taking back what is ours WE will no longer play victim but change the game of thievery! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cold Rage

Well a good friend of mind said hey take your hand and write a short story using only 140 characters. Not words but characters.  Write On Edge took me there so here goes nothing!!

Trying to get away, struggling though- It’s so cold & she is crazy.  Not running just want a fair chance to escape! #survival #help

Mood Booster Moments....(Ms. Positivity vs. Ms. Ocean)

Well everyone here it is this week’s mood booster moment.  I know I started this two weeks ago and then and the nerve to go on a much needed vacation.  Well my Shiners I have a story to tell and it will Shorely (spelled that way on purpose) be a mood booster!!

So my vacation was held at the awesome Ocean City, MD.  I decided to have a real vacation without all of the modern technology of cell phones, internet, and texting.  Yes I felt like I was going to go out of my mind but I held strong guys!!  LOL Anywhoooooo….Our condo is awesome, very cozy, and about 50ft from the beach.  We drove down Saturday afternoon, arrived, and settled in, then came Sunday.  Sunday was beach day.  Alright, everyone is now getting ready-the kids are set, I am set, and the boyfriend is set too.  We leave out and away we go!!!!
We have walked our 50ft to the beach and its beautiful, the people, the water, and the laughter from the children all around without a care in the world because it is VACATION!  I lay the towels down, take the shoes off, and went in.  Ummmmmm yeah should have taken it slow.  Cold water OH very COLD water!  Okay Okay so that was not the brightest thing to do but I bounced back and got used to the water.  We’re all playing, loving the water…until I open my big mouth and say, “Hey guys wanna sit like we did the last time and let the waves come to us?”  Yes, the kids are excited the boyfriend not so much but he is warming up.  So get ready for the foolery to begin because it does…………….

****In this corner we have Ms. Positivity vs. Ms. Ocean****

Soooo Ms. Positivity is so brave and ready to have fun with this.  The key is to sit in the sand far enough but close enough to let the water flow over you and back into the ocean.  Simple enough right??  WRONG and let me tell you how wrong it went down.  The first couple of waves okay we all got this.  My boyfriend and I are trash talking and having a ball until that one wave!  OK maybe more than one wave-many waves.  It was one wave that caught us off guard we are both sitting and was still trash talking until BAMMMM!  Hey hey hey that was not supposed to happen…That wave smacked us right dead in the face and we are both having a huge glass of Ocean dead in our faces.  How dare her do that to us.  As we scramble to get up, we decide let us do it again.  Well I guess she (the Ocean) really wanted to play.  We sit back down and try it again, this time we say that was a fluke and it will not happen again.  Ha WRONG again…this time she comes to get us…and oh, she does. 

The next wave flipped my body over as if I was nothing.  Hey, I am a thick chick (proud of it) and she had no right to handle me like that.  As I am trying to get up because I feel that, I need to have a heart-to-heart with her she decided to slap me on my back again knocking me back down!  In my head moment: ok you just wait because obviously we need to have a talk!”  I get my butt out of that water and go to sit on my towel because at this moment I cannot see a thing.  (Remember the last mood booster moment yeah just add seawater UGHHH)  I recoup a bit and then my boyfriend tosses sand all over me so guess who has to go and have said heart-to-heart with Ms. Ocean?  ME that’s who!  Great!!!!  So we go back in….(shock value) because my silly-nilly self-forgot just that fast that the water was BRRRRRRR!  Fine I am used to the water once again and Ms. Ocean just continued to play rough with me.  Look I said “I don’t do to kindly with bullies” so I was ready to have my heart-to heart.  

 (More trash talking) Yeah right, she said.  Well she started picking on me again, flipped my big behind over as if I weighed nothing. (Yall see how catty she is?)   Dang her yall, I’m NOT thirsty at all but she really insists on giving me a big glass of Seawater.  Well here was the last dang it straw.  She starts to get cheap shots in…these waves are calm but pack a punch….I think she just gave me a kidney shot.  Oh this is total BS (yall know what that means) But she didn’t stop there as I’m actually trying to recover from that calm but powerful kidney shot, she decides to smack me in the back of my head.  Wham!  Now she has knocked me down…I’m down…Yall heard the term “Don’t kick a man while he is down” Well I guess Ms. Ocean has never heard of that because she came with an on-going assault!  I tried to get up as the water went back into the ocean the sand was dragging me in…by the time I got my butt up here she came again….I’m clawing to get away but oh noooooo she said get back here I want to play.  “Don’t you wanna play Ms. Positivity?”  …..She gets me again (I’m not in any danger), however, I can’t get up if you paid me…I’m scrambling to get a shore but not before she smacks me one last time!  As I finally was able to escape I could of swore I heard her say “Now the next time you come out here watch your mouth because this is my house and you WONT win” I got to shore and grabbed my things and retreated back to the condo.  I didn’t say a single word, didn’t look back…just took my behind right on back.  I so wanted to flip her the bird but ummmm it was only Sunday and I know I would HAVE to return.

Ms. Positivity 4 Ms. Ocean 0

I shall be weak for it makes me STRONG!

Let your weakness make you Strong!!

On this day, I have decided to take a moment and reflect.  How many times have we actually done that Shiners??  No I mean actually set some time aside of our busy road map of a day and mapped out some reflection time, and thought about our times when we were weak and the time when we were strong.  I know many times when things don’t go our way, such as our accounts are overdrawn, someone lied, we let someone down, we cried, we lost something, pride etc.  We tend to become weak and many have no clue how to bounce back.  Well today, I say no more.  It is time to be strong in our weakest times. 

Many times our pride gets in our way, we continue to stay weak, and with that, we will never become strong in our daily trials.  I say this because sometimes I am weak and my pride gets the better of me.  Not too long ago I let someone else’s words raise my pride.  Let me explain, I needed help with something but because the way a certain person chose their words to me I said “Oh HELL NO.”  (Please excuse the language) but I know we have all been there and have felt the same way and with their chosen words, my pride went up or did it?  Was I just offended, or was it both offended and pride?  I think it was a little bit of both.  With those words we try our best to justify what we do or do not do, what we ask for or what we do not ask for.  Being prideful is a weakness when we need to be strong to step to a situation head on.  Look at the situation dead in its eyes and ask even though you may not want to, or want to hear what a person has to say, or even if they keep bringing back up old situations.  I am learning that granted this is not how we would like to live our lives but others cannot help how they live theirs.  Sometimes Shiners we do have to be weak to be strong, no matter how much we may despise having to reach out to that ONE person that we dread it makes us that much stronger that we did.  Therefore, the next time we decide that we want to say “OH HELL NO” just say it in your head because deep down “You” became that much stronger by being strong enough to ask when you were weak!
So I dub this upcoming week be STRONG WEEK.  Tell us fellow Shiners how you became strong and tossed the weakness to the side. 

A little less prideful

Ms. Positivity

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mood Booster Moments....(Can You Feel It)

Hey hey Shiners!

This is something that I am starting with Positively Shining.  I know many of us are superwoman/man an we are doing a million and one things with our days.  We work, have children, school, tend to our own businesses and tons more.  Is the boss getting on your nerves, stressed out, having a rough start to your day/night and need a mood booster, well here is a place where you can receive what you need.  Hopefully my little moments of foolery in life will be able to take your mind off that irritating situation just for a moment.  So I invite you to take a stroll with me in the past and in current times-so cash in your negative moment for a positive moment and have a laugh on me!!

Round One.....

As I sit here and listen to "The Jackson's" Can you feel it....it takes my mind back to when I was in my zumba class.  I was just starting out and I had no clue what I was in store for.  I have my bottles of water, towel and I'm ready to get started for what ever the class consists of.  Everything is going good, I get through a few songs until we get to the infamous "Can you feel it".  All I heard were low moans and groans...I had no clue why I'm a newbie.  My body is already a tad bit drained because of the other fast paced songs before this one.  I hear the beat of the song and said "heyyyy the Jackson's!" LOL

Well let me tell you all that Heeeeeyyyy went right out the window soon enough. Shuffle to the side, shuffle to the side...OK OK I got this. Shuffle-shuffle- and then here goes....CAN YOU FEEL IT CAN YOU FEEL IT CAN YOU FEEL IT! Now while those words are playing you have to run in place with your are straight up and shaking your hands. OK the first time I was good to go. The second time wait this is becoming a bit difficult, now lets talk about the third time and add some sweat! And it went a little something like this......

Song: can you feel it, Can you feel it, Can you feel it! Can you see what's going down, you can feel it in your bones.....

Me in my head: Yeah I can feel it....it hurts a little bit. Ok back to the lovely shuffle...cool

Song: now tell me! Can you feel it, tell me Can you feel it, Can you feel it! Talk now can you see what's going down open up your mind.

Me in my head: now you know what!? where is this shuffle because my arms are ummmm hurting lady instructor!! OK back to the shuffle thank you lawd....now by this time I'm sweating something crazy(it is cardio you know) at the same time my thighs are feeling it, and so are my arms from flaring them around like a rag doll. Back to the song.....

Song: If you look around the whole world's coming together now. Can you feel it, Can you feel it, Can you feel it! Feel it in the air.....

Me in my head: What is he talking about If I look around...omggggg the sweat is in my eye and its BURNINGGGG! Cant get to my towel....ohhhhh it burns it burns...great so now my eyes are burning along with my thighs and arms. This is total foolery!!!!!!

Song: Now tell me! Can you feel it, Can you feel it, Can you feel it! Can you feel it, Can you feel it, Can you feel it! Now tell me! Can you feel it, Can you feel it, Can you feel it! Can you feel it, Can you feel it, Can you feel it!

Me in my head: Why is this !$%&# song so long...you got to be kidding me.??? OK its over....OHHHHH NO IT ISN'T!

Instructor: keep going ladies....Me in my head: What lady you can kiss my grits! Your trying to kill us in here!

Well as the beat fades out my legs are now numb, head is pounding and I have drank all my blasted water, but I got my trusty towel to stop my eyes from BURNINGGGG!

Ms. Positivity!!!!

Ms. Positivity goes downnnn

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pursuit Of Positivity....

The pursuit of positivity...what does that phrase mean to you?  For me it says I'm getting far away from the negativity.

BUT-Yes but how hard do we really try?  Do we do everything we can in our power to obtain it? Do we pretend to be positive but at the same time we are half way in the negative closet?? Yes we all have our days-can't and wont deny that but how long do we hold on to that negative event? How hard do we really try to shake it off?

Ever have that one friend in your circle that always has a negative story?  You stay and listen because their your friend but the negativity is what you don't want to hear over and over.  We all so often use the term " I'm falling back from them" but a couple of days later you're back to square one listening to yet another negative story!!

Be sure to know that when one is in the pursuit of positivity-NEGATIVITY is not a short distance behind.  Positivity is in one direction, negativity is in the other.  It is not possible to do both-it is either one or the other....so what is it going to be??

Now here are a few common sense items that we should follow but do not always apply to keep us on the path of positivity.

1.) Stay away from negative people!!!! (hmmmmm) Make your circle of friends become smaller. I know I know-your saying" we have been friends forever." But if you are thinking this statement then you know what you need to do.

2.) Surround yourself around positive people!!! (hmmmm)

3.) Find something to do that makes you happy and promotes positivity within.

4.) Do NOT indulge in disturbing, conflicting or negative conversation. (Just say NO)

5.) Give yourself a break from the daily news on television. (That is a huge chunk of negativity here) Go online for weather only.

6.) Set positivity goals. (Make them small at first so that they can be reached then grow to bigger positive goals)

7.) SMILE :) (Oh yeah smile away)

8.) Music. (Its doesn't have to be inspirational but let the music put you in a good mood.  Something that will put you back at #7!!)

9.) Laugh. (Laughter means something made you happy and you might as well do #7 while you're at it)

10.) If you miss a step go back and start all over.  You will get the hang of it soon enough!!!

So now we have some direction to where were going.....so lets Positively Shine in our pursuit to POSITIVITY!

Your truly.

Ms. Positivity

Friday, August 12, 2011

Beat The Cycle of Negativity....

"I, not event, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.  I can choose which it shall be.  Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet.  I have just one day, today and I'm going to be happy in it."
~Groucho Marx~

Wow what a quote-what a powerful bet ever so true statement.  To me this statement/quote is staying-do what you will but I will be happy on my own accord and no negativity shall rock me.  When I read this all I could say was " I know that's right!!" All to often we fall victim to the negative things and mope around with them all day thus destroying what could have been  a fantastic day.  The simple acts of others keep so many from being positive.  That one person that we wish would just keep quiet, not to be so nosy, or that one-just one negative gesture.  

Well we can beat the cycle of negativity.  It is so easy to be negative, but so hard to be positive.  With so much negativity surrounding us daily I'm surprised that their are still positive people fighting the good fight against negativity.  So as the quote says "we have the power to make ourselves happy or unhappy."  I am a little confused as to why would anyone choose unhappy.  Well guess what??? I surely do not want to be unhappy and I know you lovely people do not want to share in the unhappiness that others possess so WE won't!!!

Think positive~Be Positive.
Live it~Indulge in it.
So, as we positively shine lets also choose to be happy and Beat the Cycle of Negativity! 
Together we can NOT Lose! 

Yours Truly,

Ms. Positivity

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's Time to Positively Shine....

Today I am starting something new, something different. Something a bit scary and a bit exciting at the same time.  Today is the last day that I will have this feeling I will....wait we will "Positively Shine" Yes I did say "We", and that means I would be delighted if you would walk with me in this deep down gift that I have of spreading positive words of encouragement that could change someones life.

Many times when we wake up, attend functions, family gatherings, or when we see a certain person our first thoughts are not positive.  Well I set out to change the game.  Life does not have to be full of let downs, , disappointments and whoa is me's. Its time to look at them head on and positively shine-take the negative and find one positive thing about it instead of letting life consume you.  I have had my days of let downs, break-ups, disappointments, hurt and pain; so we are already familiar with each other in that sense.  So with the simple process to look at situations differently-we will smile in the face of irritation, discomfort and just out of the blue annoyances.  With this WE can ALL obtain the goal of being able to "Positively Shine" each day!  

So are you ready for the daily fight? Are you ready for positive change? 
Get Ready...Get Set..........Positively Shine!

Your New Friend

Ms. Positivity