Saturday, December 31, 2011

Turn Your Light UP....

Hey there Shiners! I hope all is well with each of you and that you are ready for the New Year to ring in!!  This year has been great, and as with everything in life it has had its ups and downs.  Yeah we may not speak about them but trust me we have had buckets full of trials and disbeliefs.


I was wondering Shiners, has dealing with such trials turned your light within down?? If so I say its time to "TURN YOUR LIGHT BACK UP!"  Many times what we think is good for us is not good for us and little by little that positivity that we had starts wearing away.  This can not happen-if we allow this to take hold of us, our inner and outer positive light will be gone forever and we will become negative towards everything that surrounds us.

I being Ms. Positivity can not sit and watch this behavior.  We must strive to keep our light as bright as it can be for this New Year.  How can we do this?? I am going to tell you how!

First and foremost You yourself must have the strongest AMBITION to be positive! (Reference last post on AMBITION)
*Take the negative outlook from your mind. (Start looking for the positive in life)
*Remove yourself from negativity. (Make sure who is on your team is deserving to be on your team)
*Surround yourself with positive people or actions (Removing the negative means add positive)
*Learn to laugh (She knows all about it)
*Learn to Chase Joy (Trust me she knows all about it!)
*Celebrate You (She knows all about it)
*Be Inspired to Thrive in life (She know all about it)
*Embrace your Struggles instead of letting them get the better of you (She knows all about it)
*Make life fun for you again
*Get to know you again (See even I know all about it)

See Shiners their is NO time to let your positive light go dim.  Surround yourself with enough positive fuel to keep you light #ShiningBright all through the New Year!  Treat negativity like a child its a "NO NO" It can't come in, hang out, get any attention, etc.  Negativity is to be pushed to the side like a red headed step child-as the saying goes!!

The only way our light will stay up is if we KEEP it that way,and it is our job to do so!! So for 2012-Lets keep our Positive light #ShiningBright into the midnight hour! Let others be blinded because we refuse to turn it down or let it be put out! If its time for change then this is it!!

Lets Go Shiners! Lets show them how to #ShineOn & #ShineBright

Prelude to "Getting back to "ME"

Walk with Me....

Just follow me for a minute, step into my shoes if you may.  I am Ms. Positivity and this is the start of the breaking down and the rising of ME!

Gosh it started a while ago May of 2011 at some point.  I'm a mother of 2, I work full time, Psychology student full time with now 5 months left for school.  Like many out there i'm in a relationship but am not married yet (but truly happy to the fullest) house, bills, friends, problems, and so much more.

I'm feeling alone, feeling like I'm going out of my mind. Not doing well in school that term-what is going on.  I'm gonna get deep in a minute...I am an A+ B+ student am I getting a D in this class I actually wanted to quite...NO WAY!! What the BLEEPITY BLEEP BLEEPPPPPP is going on? (Hey we're family friendly here)  I'm tired, burning the candle at 3 ends...yes three!!! I'm burned out in the middle too! All I want to do is sleep-anemia is getting worse & worse. I'm at work being pulled in so many different directions but still I'm Ms. Positivity.  I help people reach deep down to be the best positive being they can be, but I'm broken inside-just a little but I can't figure out just what it was!

Trust me I prayed (I never stop praying) but the fact is I was not feeling like me 100%! I was gaining weight, losing weight, crying silently every other night, still smiling, still being positive, how can this be....I needed to hurry up and Get back to being "ME"

I will Show you how in a while!!!! I turned my Positivity Light Wayyyyyy UP!

To Be Continued.....

Thursday, December 29, 2011

No Resolution-its called AMBITION!!

Ahhhh Hey there Shiners! I've so missed you wonderful people.  Let me tell you that it feels so good to write about something that I love instead of writing all of these politically correct papers for school. I mean really, what is the deal with 10 page papers?!? With psychology everything has to be just so and to be honest it makes you so drained that you may not even want to blog!!! GASPS!  No don't you even think that Ms. Positivity would ever leave her Shiners-this is all just to say that I appreciate that all of you hang in here with me through my journey of staying positive and trust me 2012 we are gonna take this to a whole new level.


                                  Strong AMBITION-no RESOLUTIONS

As the year comes to a close I know many of us are going to do what we normally do, have a ball, and set the ever pesky new years resolution!!  Shiners can I stop you from doing this task??  I beg of you NOT to do it.  Let me explain......How many times have we done this?? Each year we set out to do something ONLY when the new year comes around and we do it for a little while but then we are right back to square one.

How many times have we done this and kept at it?? For me NONE! This is why I can speak so frankly about it. Well Shiners if you know me you all know I am about to change the game!! I say No to RESOLUTION  and yes to AMBITION!!

I look at resolution as being negative and we know im NOT about any of that, but to have AMBITION is great! This year I want us to have a strong ambition instead of going after something-anything in this up coming year with closed eyes! Lets set reasonable goals so that when we reach them we will feel that much needed positivity to keep us going.  No that is not a resolution its AMBITION!

If one wants to lose weight start off small something small like 5lbs in a month.  Don't start out saying I want to lose 50lbs. Every time you step on the scale it will look as if its not moving. If your thing is to stop smoking, don't stop cold turkey, stopping cold turkey will have a negative impact, instead smoke one less cigarette a day until your smoking less. See with AMBITION anything is obtainable.

I want all Shiners to think different and have AMBITION to reach that goal that you have been grabbing for.  I want for 2012 to be full of joy, laughter, smiles, positivity, and reasonable goal reaching ambition! So I say DOWN with the New Years RESOLUTION  its time to fly a little higher.  Its time to do things differently, if you want to be better have the ambition to be better, if you want to obtain something have the strong ambition to reach it....lets not get comfortable and let our ambition fall to the waist side! Ambition will take you higher and farther than any RESOLUTION could!!!!

So What do you say Shiners?? Lets not lose our zeal lets add tons of AMBITION lets not be afraid of heights and lets take the new year for a grand ride on AMBITION!


Here is to letting our AMBITION #ShineBright! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Side Eye!!!

Hey there Shiners! Goodness how time zips away from us.

Can you believe its going to be 2012 in a matter of a few days?? I cant believe this.  Just the other day we were getting ready for the holidays and BAM now they are almost over! Where is the time going?? Well I'm giving the side eye to the clock  because it seems to have some tricks up its sleeve for us.                                              

And they say money goes fast well time is right on its heels.  Many of us were just getting the kids ready for school, now they are on Winter break. Many of us are still thinking about that summer vacation that we took. I remember mine like it was yesterday.  The days and night are blending together, its night when we are leaving for work, its night when we are coming home from work!!! What is going on here!?  With the time going so fast I feel like I have been robbed and I'm ready to call law enforcement because it has been stolen from us.

How have we almost gone through 365 days so fast?? Oh well Shiners.....seems like its nothing we can do BUT..... Have a fab new 2012 and keep the positive moments, talk, actions, smiles, dreams, love and laughter going for another 365 days!

That's right why feel bad because a new year is coming in! No need-this just gives us more time to be the best Shiners we can be.  Letting nothing stand in our way of being positive, supportive, grateful, thankful and humble. Oh yeah lets use this time wisely because before we know it we will be starting all over again!!

So what do ya say?!? lets make 2012 the best it can be and lets start by NOT worrying about the time that has gone by! Make new moments in the new time upon us!

We are SHINERS for a reason...we let NOTHING and NO ONE stand in our way of #SHININGON! 

Let your Light Shine....

Well Shiners we have come to our final Shining the Spotlight post of the year! Yeah I know time fly's but hunni each of you are amazing! I have never read so may great pieces from such awesome people in my life! I have had the pleasure of shining the spotlight on so many and I don't think I will stop there! Just keep in mind the new year has some new, fun, different and awesome things in store! I cant wait for you to be apart of that too! Well lets get to it shall we!!!

First of all I am so thankful for Melissa allowing me this wonderful opportunity to guest post. Most mornings Melissa greets me with a wonderful twitter hello, and it really does help make my morning start better. You see although Melissa and I have never met personally she sends me a morning smile… just because. That is just one of the many ways that she is always letting her light shine. AND for that I am very appreciative.

Let your light shine

Some people aren’t naturally positive people. They just are not. No explanations needed.

Does that make them mean or negative?


What about those who just “keep it real”?

Nope. Some of them are my closest friends and blog buddies too! They do keep it real. No sugar coating, just the facts and you know what? Some of their perceptions help me maintain a realistic view of life and my expectations.

For me it is important to be surrounded by people who allow my light to shine. But in order for my light to shine I have to know that disappointments will happen. Every day won’t be all happy, holding hands and singing hymns.

You see adversity has made me stronger. Taking the time to get to know people, from ALL walks of life has helped me define my outlook in life.

I have learned who to surround myself with and who to steer clear from.

What about those people who you can’t stay away from?

Continue to let your light sine. AND just maybe your light will set a fire within someone else. If that light begins to fade, evaluate exactly why you are staying near those people.

As we start a New Year, I challenge you to assess yourself and those you keep close.

Is it possible for you to let your light shine a little brighter in 2012?

Does that mean you have to do a complete makeover of yourself if you are in the mean or category?

Absolutely not!

HOWEVER, my challenge for you is to find a way EVERYDAY to smile for no reason at all. This is one option for letting your inner light shine. Sounds crazy? Well give it a try and see what happens. I think you might be surprised.

You can start right now

Go ahead.

Do it.

I’m waiting.


Awesome! Just be sure to pop a mint and everything should be fine.

Wishing you an absolutely wonderful day!

Before you go tell me in the comments what are some other ways that you can let your inner light shine. Yes, I know you might have to dig WAY down to figure something out. No worries, take your time.

Latorsha, is the blogger of Life is Hard, Laugh Anyway, a place where she tries to remain optimistic by any means necessary, mostly laughter. On twitter you can follow her at @AnOptimisticMom. You can check out her blog Here or contact her at AnOptimisticMom@


Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Great Morning Shiners! It is once again "Shining the Spotlight"  I can't believe that the series went so fast and in just a few day Christmas will be upon us.  I just wanted to say that I am so grateful and thankful for each Shiner for all of their support through this series.

Today I am glad to introduce to you a young lady that goes by the name Simply Z!  I have the great pleasure to work with this wonderful lady and she is also apart of MAZ (Melissa, Aliya & Z) Together we are so strong and we have been through so much.  Z has been blogging for a while and she came to me and asked could she be apart of my Shiner team! To me she was already a Shiner! So lets shine on her guys! 

Simply Z the spotlight is all yours!

As the year end slowly approaches or rapidly (time flies) I think of the slogan I carried throughout 2011, “Yes All Year.”  Funny that those 3 little words sound so easy to live by, and they are, yet months ago I wondered if I really had what it took to continue the journey.  Today, I say yes!  However, if you would have asked me then, my answer would have been, not so much.

I felt like my dream was slowly dying or that I wasn’t good enough to see it truly manifest.  Doors closing from left to right, things not happening how I hoped they would, opportunities I spoke about not happening, being at a job I do not like and wondering if I’ll ever see the light of day (literally).  And, that alone caused my thoughts to run wild: What am I doing wrong that isn’t allowing me to move forward?  What do I need to do to move on?

Okay, I digress.  I said all that to say, at the end of it all, when you think you have nothing left to give yourself, your dream, something deep inside of you wakes up (it probably was never sleep) and those 3 words become louder than they did the first time they were heard.  Yet, those words change from “Yes All Year,” to “Yes All My Life.” 

Life happened in 2011, life happens, but I am blessed to have experienced every moment.  Through it all I have become more aware of who I am (always learning), what I dream (always dreaming) and who I will become. 

We live in an ever evolving world and we are an ever evolving people.  We EACH have a job to do and through our own experiences (good, bad, not understood, etc.), we are to take them and show people or someONE that “shift” happens, yet you, I, and we can all get through the “shift.”

I heard a message on Sunday, “I’m Glad You Made Me Do It.” (Pastor Martina Mitchell)  I like to take that a step further and say, “I’m Glad You Made Me Go Through It.” 

I am humbled and honored to have been able to “Shine the Spotlight” with a fellow blogger, Ms__Positivity and all her shiners.  As I’ve been reading the posts featured every Wednesday at 10 am I remember post like, Grateful Journey, Taking “Life” Back and Don’t Let Clutter Steal Your Shine and I like to add that through it all we must NEVER GIVE UP, HOLD ON TO OUR DREAMS and remember YES ALL YOUR LIFE! 

It’s been a pleasure "Shining the Spotlight" and may you all continue to Shine On!
Simply Z

To get to know Simply Z better follow her on Twitter, catch her celebrating on Facebook and last but not least Skip on Over to her blog and show her some love!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting Back To "ME"

Hey there Shiners!  I know I have been missing in action but as I mentioned before I started school again and let me tell you, I am exhausted!  Never the less I have ONLY 2 terms left (6 months) so hang in here with me!
I have not blogged myself in such a long time but guess what I am back and I am ready to involve each one of you.  I have been dying to give some major details about this and I have been really giddy each moment that it comes across my mind.  Well here it is………..

                                                      Getting Back to ME”
Have you ever felt that you were going in so many different directions that you really do not have a sense of direction??  Or that you are being pulled in a million directions at work, home, family, relationship, children or any other aspect of your life that you feel like you may be losing it just a tad bit?? Well Shiners its time to get back to “US” This is a wonderful series that I am sure everyone can and will be able to reap the benefits.   Here is the twist……We all know in this blogging world we have bloggers, readers, followers commenter’s and even the silent ones.  Overall, I still love each and every one of you…Alrighttttt!  Let me get back to it.  The series “Getting back to “ME” is all about getting back to the person that we used to be. 

 I have been going through so much and have been dealing with it myself and I said, “You know what I am so tired of feeling all over the place and I am going to get back to being ME.”  How many times have you felt that way Shiners?  This series will allow everyone to tell his or her situation-what ever it may be, and tell how he or she got “THEM” back or plan to get “THEM” back.  As you see this series is not just for bloggers but also for everyone to be involved!!  Yes I am breaking the blogging rules per say, but I said why should we let the positivity roam around the blogging world!  We have so much positivity to share and vast amount of information to provide another that it should not be kept bottled up in a specific section so I am opening my Positively Shining door and letting everyone in for the grand party of getting “US” back to being “US”!  Hehehehehe-Yeah, I know its something different but I am all about different and being positive….yall know that!  J
Here is how it’s going to go down!  I need everyone to think about something that they are “Willing” to share (take your time) that had or still has you not feeling like yourself.  Then I want you to describe the process that you are going to SNAP OUT of it and get back to being “YOU”!  The “YOU” that you used to love, miss, care for, and worry about.  Many times Shiners, we go through so many things all alone and no one ever knows the battles and the strains that we endure.  Well I am tired of going through it all alone and not sharing the battles that I am enduring I want to share and show how I am breaking free of these blah feelings!   

This series will start in mid January and go as long as any one wants to post. You may post as many times as you like, and there is no word limit. If would like to post for the series let me know at, catch me on Facebook or send me a DM onTwitter

So Shiners I hope that you would join me in this journey of “Getting Back to ME!”

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Grateful Journey....

Well hello there to all the awesome Shiners out there! It is once again time to "Shine the Spotlight" on another great blogger.  She is fairly new at this but she is a great person and she provided me with a really nice piece and her name is Tiffany.  In addition, Tiffany and I have become really good friends through a No Spending November Challenge through her blog that is called Scenes From a Single Mom.
As I read her blog, many times I say to myself "I know that's right" totally agreeing with what she is saying.

So here today, I am ready to Shine the Spotlight on Tiffany aka the Gemini Super Mom! So everyone here is Tiffany's guest post!!! #ShineOn Tiffany and as always #ShineBright!

                                                     The Grateful Journey

A little more than a week ago, many of us spent time in fellowship with our friends and family, eating, catching up on all things new and sharing all that we are thankful for.  Then many of us left dinner tables, and headed straight to shopping malls to buy MORE THINGS.  Isn’t it ironic?  We immediately forget about the many things we already have to be thankful for and run out with, cash, credit/debit, or check in hand to stock up on MORE things.

During this time of year that is supposed to be full of cheer, joy, love, peace, and yes, thanksgiving so many of us find ourselves feeling down, depressed, and unfulfilled.  In many cases these feelings are directly related to our ability or inability to purchase the gifts that we feel that our loved ones deserve, want and need.  To this I say: ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

I challenge you to embrace, and enjoy this holiday season with a heart full of thanks and gratitude, and encourage your family and friends to do the same!  Start a grateful journey, and keep a grateful journal along the way.  What is the grateful journey?  On the grateful journey you end each day naming three things that you are grateful for, and you NEVER repeat them.  You will be amazed at how much you are thankful for, and how much less you feel that you and your family needs! If you have children, take some time every night and discuss the grateful journey as a family, over dinner, or just during your family time in the evenings.  The journal is an added bonus. If you create a grateful journal, then you can go back and reflect over time, all that you have to be thankful for.

The grateful journey is not meant to replace your daily devotional time, meditation or prayers of thanksgiving by any means.  However an extension of the way you count your abundance of blessings.

Please, share your grateful journeys here as well!

To get to know Tiffany better Skip on Over to her blog, Follow her on Twitter and catch her on FaceBook!!

Its been great Shiners! Forever Shining Bright!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Taking "LIFE" back MJ Style!!

Hello My wonderful Shiners!

It is time for "Shining the Spotlight" once again and I must say that I have been very grateful, and overjoyed with each and every piece submitted for the series.

Today I have the pleasure to introduce to you a very special friend and her name is Michael!! She was very excited to guest post for me and I have to admit I love the warm relationship we have developed! So Shiners when you have finished reading her piece Skip on Over to A Girl Named Michael and shine the spotlight on her blog, trust me you will NOT be disappointed!


                                        Taking "LIFE" back MJ Style!

Hi I am very excited to be here today. I am a big fan of Ms. Positivity. Every morning the first thing I do is reach for my phone so I can see what positive uplifting thing she has posted on Twitter. Its better than coffee...almost.

Once upon a time I was a very angry person. To say I had a block on my shoulder may be an understatement I had a whole city and everyone in that city was angry. In fact until a few years ago I was angry the difference was as I got older I got better at hiding the anger and depression. There would be occasional outbursts and self imposed solitary confinements but people were shocked by anger.

I am not even sure what I was mad at all the time but everything from the environment to politics to my next door neighbor made me angry. I never got violent I just was never happy and satisfied with anything.

But one day, and I do mean one day out of the blue, I decided I was to tired to be angry. It was exhausting to have some much righteous indignation 24/7/365. I just wanted to be happy but I was unsure how to do this. I had been angry for so long it was hard to just be happy or content with the world.

So I started small, you cant change over night, I started enjoying the little things:

  • The quiet in the morning as I enjoyed my cup of coffee.
  • Warm fuzzy socks on cold winter days.
  • A perfectly cooked steak.
  • Cuddling with my puppy.  

And soon I noticed that I was happier in other areas of my life. Work was more satisfying, my family was less annoying and I started to give back to my community by doing volunteer work.

I would have slips but it was so much easier to find my happy place once I found it sometimes I just had to fight to find the glimmer of hope among all the clouds.

If you want to get to know Michael better check her Facebook page out!! and also you can follow her on Twitter....she is pretty awesome but see for yourself!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Don't Let Clutter Steal your Shine.....

Itsssss Backkkk! Hello Shiners "Shining the Spotlight" is back! I pray that everyone has had a great holiday and are ready to get back to reading some awesome blogs by some awesome Shiners.

I have the pleasure to present to you a wonderful shiner by the name of Alison.  She is the owner of Learn to Embrace the Struggle. She has become one of my good friends of blogging and each and everyday!! So here is her guest post on getting thing together and clearing out the clutter...ohhhhh this is a good one Shiners!! Hey I needed to see this piece myself and I am really getting ready to apply so much of this to my life! Many times when you think you have life under control its just way to cluttered!

                                          Delete. Ctrl X.  Backspace.  

You know which key, or combination of keys, to use when you need to remove items on the computer.

And so it is in real life.  You sometimes need to hit delete--to edit your life--in order to shine like you want to.  

Clutter isn't only about a house bursting at the seams with "stuff."  Every area of our lives is subject to clutter, but, we have the last word regarding what stays--or goes--in our lives.

Mental clutter
Are you worn out mentally?  Guilty of foggy thinking or (gasp!) no thinking?  You probably have too much going on in your "beautiful mind."  Sometimes we need to take a "mental health day" to purge our minds. 
  • Choose to focus on positive thoughts and eliminate, or at least decrease, negative thinking.  
  • Let go of the multitasking!  It really is less efficient than doing one thing at a time.  A fragmented mind is often a demented mind, but an uncluttered mind is an effective mind.
  • Relinquish the title of superman/superwoman!  You don't have to be Ruler of the Universe.  Someone else already snagged that title!

Emotional clutter
We're often unaware of the extent of the toll taken on our lives by emotional issues.  When we vacillate between one end of the emotional spectrum and the other, we become imbalanced.   
  • Pay attention to your emotions and behavioral triggers so that your relationships won't be hampered. 
  • When deep-seated issues, many of which are formed in childhood, are not addressed, our emotional clutter will disable us from living in the present.
  • Focus on the people that truly count and deserve your time, and root out those that don't.  That might mean cutting back on some activities or losing some toxic "friends," but if it lessens your clutter and replenishes your life, go for it!

Physical clutter
We are a generation that wears its body down to a frazzle.  The amount of stress and tension we put ourselves through is alarming.  Why do we do this when the result--poor health, shortened lifespan--is so devastating?
  • Combat the physical clutter within our bodies by paying attention to your eating habits and adding exercise into your daily lives.  
  • Incorporate practices such as slow eating, yoga, walking, and tai chi, which are proven change-makers.  Sometimes just paying attention to our body language (furrowed brows, hunched backs) and responding by breathing deeply can deflate the tension we carry within us.
  • Remember that physical clutter isn't limited to our bodies; it's also found in our surroundings.  There is a proven link between uncluttered surroundings and productivity
I've always loved--and try to live by--this quote by William Morris:  "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."  What better way to invite peace and positivity into your life than by making the areas you inhabit clutter-free, yet attractive!

Spiritual clutter
Here's the thing:  if the three areas we just discussed are cluttered, there's no room for the spiritual, the most important aspect of our lives.  
  • We are spirit, gifted with a soul and inhabiting a body; unfortunately, we've reversed the order and thus forfeited much of our peace and joy.  
  • Prayer and meditation are God-given pathways to spiritual wellness.  
  • As we clear away the hindrances to our relationship with God, we begin to see ways to work on other areas that may be cluttered.
In his book "The Life You've Always Wanted," John Ortberg states that "the enemies of simplicity are multiplicity and duplicity."  Whenever we are pushed and pulled in too many directions, it becomes impossible to keep life simple.  In addition, we aren't true to ourselves when we are ambivalent. 

Are you shining to the fullest?  Are you giving yourself the chance to enjoy a simpler, balanced life, brimming with possibilities, positivity, and peace?  As you press that "delete" button in each area of your life, you'll begin to see measurable and enjoyable differences.  And so will others!


To Embrace the Struggle with Alison and myself check her out Facebook or follow her on Twitter!! Its worth it! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Special Edition....Time to Shine for a Birthday Bash!!

Hey Shiners! I hope everyone has had a great time during their Thanksgiving holiday.  I know I did.

I am sending out a Special Edition of Positively Shining!


This edition is for a 30th Birthday Bash.  I know many of us are young and vibrant and are hitting milestones in life.  I know for me turning 30 was great!

Well today I am Shining this Special Edition for  Isaac M. Hamm III.  He is turning 30 and he is doing this in a major way. Check out the details below.

“Mr. Philadelphia Socialite”
 Isaac M. Hamm III Charity Birthday Bash!!

PHILADELPHIA, PA., Dec 23, 2011 – Isaac M. Hamm III CEO and Founder of will be hosting his first annual charity birthday bash.  This event will be held at Gallerie Isada, located 3320 Collins Street from 8:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M.  Please join us for an unforgettable evening as Philadelphia’s biggest and brightest stars and local businesses come together to make a change.

This is a celebration of a birth but more importantly, it’s a celebration of giving back.  Partnering up with a local ministry called Chosen300, whose sole purpose is to distribute meals and services to the homeless throughout the Philadelphia Region and around the world.  With the hard work and dedication Brian & Shandai Jenkins, and Chosen300, to date, now feeds over 100,000 people a year. has established an ongoing relationship with Chosen300, and the community which they serve, over these past previous months. We have put in the much needed time to have built a family bond and we would be remiss if we didn’t want to take it a step further.  We have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from this charity event to Chosen300.

“Turning 30 is a big year for me but the biggest gift I can give to myself is to give back. Last year I feed the homeless the weekend of y birthday and I felt great doing it. We try to make sure we give back to the community throughout the year whether it is standing at Love Park to feed the homeless or going to a community center or church to help out.” said CEO Isaac M. Hamm III is a Philadelphia-based marketing and communications company that offers an array of services. We implement an effective marketing strategy through integration of creative event design and production management.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Shining the Spotlight" Where is your Inspiration?....

Shinersssss.....Its week 5 of Shining the Spotlight! 
This weeks piece is from a young lady that I have gotten to know through Blogger and is pretty awesome. She goes by the name of Kero and her spirit is on fire! So after reading her guest post Skip on over and Shine the Spotlight on her blog!

Here's Kero! 

Where is your Inspiration?

Have you ever got inspired from someone in your life? Well, we all are. But where did that inspiration go?

“When I was a young I wanted to be like Bill Gates, but then my life took a different course…”
Has something like that happened to you? Have you ever heard of such confessions? If yes, the sole reason behind it is that you lost your inspiration. Something seemingly more important popped up in your life and you changed your direction. Make sure you are not the person making this statement.

Don’t lose your inspiration. You might not get inspired from just anyone. There has to be something special about them. If your inspiration aligns with your goals you are in the right direction. Think of all the people and things that inspire you, put them together in the form of an inspiration chart. It can be your hardworking grandfather, teacher, Steve Jobs, a mountain climber, or it can be Eiffel Tower (in case you’re hoping to visit Paris). Make sure that your inspirational chart is realistic. A piece from the fictional world won’t work. So you might as well stop thinking about Spiderman (is he still any popular?), Harry Potter, Hogwarts or any fantasy world. You may dream of going far away to another world but you can’t make it realistic. So be realistic while making your inspiration chart.

Your inspiration chart must consist of pictures put together in sort of a mosaic. Remember that visuals have more influence on your mind than words. After you are done with your inspiration chart, place it somewhere you get to see it more often. Paste it on the fridge, on the wall near your worktable. Anywhere you get to see it every day. The more frequently you get to see it the more focused you will feel and you’ll be repeatedly reminded of your destination. The less frequently you get to look at it, the less often you are able to recall your inspiration and it’s likely that you will stray from your goals.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your inspiration and let you drive your life in the right direction.

I hope everyone has enjoyed her post! If you want to get to know her better check her out on Facebook and on Twitter!  Glad to have seen you all again this week! Stay tuned for more! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Looking At The Glass Half Full Instead of Half Empty....

Hey there Shiners!

What time is it? Its once again..."Shining the Spotlight" time.  Today I am excited to introduce to you a new and awesomely supportive bloggy friend that goes by the name of Keazy!  He is relatively new like myself in the world of blogging, but let me tell you he has written some really terrific pieces thus far.  He accepted my invitation to Shine the Spotlight and I am delight to do just that! After you have read his post SKIP ON OVER to his blog and Shine the Spotlight on his blog.

                       Looking At The Glass Half Full Instead of Half Empty

First, I would like to thank Positively Shinning for allowing me to be a guest host on her blog. If you have not read any of the post she has written, you are truly missing out on the positive energy she gives out. Sometime when I am feeling down or not having the best of days, I go to here blog and read and I put things into perspective. I thank you for that

When I was a child, my parents always instilled in me to remain positive and be confident in the actions you represent. When I got to my early stages of adulthood, the world looked very different to me. People did not carry the same values as me nor did people look at things in positive manner. I began to start thinking the same way as society, thinking that everything in life, the glass was always half empty. Maybe it was the people I was around or the people that took advantage of my kindness and big heart. I do not know how I was sucked into this way of thinking especially the way I was raised. When you think the worst before it happens, most likely you are speaking it into existence.

After years of starting to believe that life was really kicking my butt, my mother asked me a question and she said are you happy? Probably at the time, one of the hardest questions I had to answer. I had to think about it and if I had to think about it, I was not happy. I had so many things going for me that I really didn’t realize it. My mother told me you have to start looking at the glass half full instead of half empty, I taught you better than that. She was right, I did know better and I owed it to myself to turn this thing around. I felt like I lost everything. My personality changed, looked around and my friends and relationships with females were always in disarray, I couldn’t take it anymore. The transformation started to take place.

I started to remove myself from all the people and things holding me back from greatness. Got new friends that were all positive, and are still my good friends to this day, refused to date any female that would always be in a negative mood for no reason. That’s when I realized that just because they might be beautiful on the outside that might not mean they are on the inside. If something didn’t go the way I wanted or thought it might go, I didn’t panic or look at things in a bad way. You can start to see things turning around and it was great. I felt much better about myself and they way my adult life started going.

The world would be so much of a better place if we just start to think positive instead of all things going wrong. When the trouble of life get you down, fight back! Don’t let bad things overcome the person you are and who you want to become. I want to be great, so I am thinking great things, no matter what. I know it will happen because I believe in the power of positivity and I believe in myself. I might not gave everything that I would like but I am thankful for the things I do have so therefore my glass is always half full!

Do you believe that your glass is half full? I challenge you to really think about it and believe in the power of thinking positive!

 To get to know Keazy better make sure that you request him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, and last but most definitely not least subscribe to his blog A New Beginning

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Shining the Spotlight" Positive Social Good Campaigns in Marketing.....

Wow Shiners Week 3 of Shining the Spotlight and I am hoping you are enjoying this so far. I know I enjoyed reading the pieces before hand and this is why I wanted to shine the spotlight on all of you. This piece is from one of my new found friends that I have met through blogging and goes by the name of Cirquedumot.
Here is a good piece on Positive social Campaigns.....after you enjoy Skip on over and Shine the Spotlight on her blog!

                     Positive Social Good Campaigns in Marketing

How can marketing be a positive in our lives? This is a question that resonates with me strongly. I wouldn’t let preconceived notions prevent you from seriously considering the positives advertising and marketing can bring. The rise of digital marketing has lead to more accountability and ushered in a new way of thinking about how we sell products. PR agency Edelman conducts studies every year on current marketing trends, at the top in 2010:

Social Good

“Eighty-seven percent of Americans believe that business needs to place at least equal weight on society’s interests as on those of business” [Source]

Here is a look at 3 Social Good Campaigns

1. Let Her Jump

This is the ad that inspired me to go into the marketing field. The light bulb finally went off in my head. The notion that all advertising wasn’t worth my time went away. The truth is, many people do it badly! What we need to do is get rid of the ad suck, and start generating campaigns that get people involved with their ideas. I love the positive message of female empowerment.

2. Pepsi Refresh Project

Is their a good cause you want to raise money for? Check out the Pepsi Refresh Project that offers grants to those who submit their ideas. Votes take place every month to vote for the projects that will receive the funding. This is a great social good campaign that integrates social media and word-of-mouth marketing.

3. The Red Campaign

The (Red) Campaign is a charity chaired by Bono from the band U2. The idea is that corporations team up with the charity to offer specially branded products. Portions of the sales are donated to the global fund, whose purpose is to give treatment to Africans living with AIDS. It is also interesting to note that these special items don’t cost anymore than the regular ones. If you buy a (Red) iPod nano, you still only pay $129 for this exclusive item. No costs are passed on to the consumer.

I personally believe that we can generate positive campaigns like these in marketing and sell more products. As individuals we should encourage companies to look for more opportunities to support the social good. I want to know how these ads make you feel? Would you buy them knowing your money was going to support a worthy cause?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Shining the Spotlight" Focus on Positivity and Chase Joy.....

                        Hey there once again my wonderful Shiners! 

                          This is week 2 of "Shining the Spotlight" 

This weeks post is from a young lady that goes by the name of Chasing Joy! 
To be honest if it wasn't for her I truly would not be Positively Shining. 
After reading her guest post Skip on over to her blog and Shine the Spotlight their as well!  Thank you Joy for guiding my way! 


                               Focus on Positivity and Chase Joy.....

When Ms. Positivity invited me to do a guest post on Positively Shinning I was honored but also a bit troubled as I had no clue what to write about.  I have never written a post for someone else’s blog.  Although I have been blogging for almost two years I am still just a little afraid every time I hit the publish button.  So this guest post thing is definitely requiring me to make a withdrawal from the courage account. 

But Ms. Positivity is indeed Positively Shinning and a true Joy Chaser.  She is doing some awesome things in her personal life (school, parenting, mentoring, and career) and still making time to encourage us to laugh, smile and Positively Shine.  So of course I would do a guest post for her. 
As I have been thinking about what I could possible write for my gust post I realized that lately I have been reading inspirational text, scripture, and thinking about the topic of  how I could make a difference in others’ lives, maybe even a difference in the world. 

When I started my blog Chasing Joy, my main purpose was to give myself some sort of hobby to take my mind of off the depression I was experiencing.  I was recovering from a lot of loss and grief and needed to focus on something positive.  Of course I knew people made money off of blogs and thought that might be cool too. But I basically just needed a positive outlet.

I figured if I focused on happiness I wouldn’t be able to help but get a little happier.  I was right.  I not only got a little happier I got a lot happier.  I started looking for the positives in almost every situation.  When I felt down I started looking for ways to feel better instead of falling into the self pity pit.  I started trying new things just because I might like them.  I started counting my blessings more often and practicing an attitude of gratitude.  Happier people started being drawn to me. 

Now almost two years later the main purpose of my blog is shifting.  I still use my blog to keep myself focused on positivity, happiness, and Joy.  However know I would like my blog to offer a bit of inspiration to others not just myself.  I would like people to read it and smile, laugh, and take a little Joy away from it.  I’d like my blog to encourage others to look for Joy in their everyday situations.  I’d like my blog to be a source of positivity.  I’d like my blog to add to not just my but others’ quality of life. 

Some people are takers in every situation.  I do not want to be one of those people.  I want to add to situations.  Add happiness. Add calmness.  Add beauty.  Add stability.  Add support. Add Inspiration. Add Positivity.  My blog is just one way I can do that.  I can Positively Shine on everyone who Chases Joy with me by adding humor, adding inspiration, and adding a focus on gratitude. 

Not everyone writes or comes into large numbers of people virtually or in person.  But we can all add to any and every situation we are in.  Don’t be a person who only takes.  How are you adding and Positively Shining in your life?  

To get to know Joy even better check her out on Twitter @Chasing_Joy and on Facebook Chasing Joy and Shining bright with me and all of my Shiners!
Be well, Be blessed and I hope to see you again soon! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Chasing Joy Guest Post.....

Hey of my good friends invited me to do a guest piece for her blog....I was so giddy because she is one of the main reasons why I blog today, along with my 2 sisters if MAZ ( Aliya & Z) with this offer I could not refuse. I sat and just started writing. For my Shiners who are getting to know me I have a passion for positivity, and I plan on seeing it through to the fullest! It may not stop at the blog....this may spread in a major way and you will be apart of it all. You Shiners are the puzzle pieces to the masterpiece! I am honored to know you, and for my silent readers I would like to hear from you as well....don't be silent, I encourage you to reach out....tell me who you are so we can connect and shine even brighter. But for today, Skip on over to Chasing Joy's blog and see my guest piece. In addition....check out her blog and show her some amazing love! Trust me she is awesome.
If you want to contact me you can always and I mean always drop me a line and we can connect!
 See you Shiners soon! And remember to always Shine On

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Shining the Spotlight Series" Shining Star.....

Hey there Shiners....

Today is the day....the day to start "Shining the Spotlight!"  Remember this is all about "YOU" and I can't wait to show everyone jsut how great you guys are!!.  Each Wednesday I will have a new post for a new blogger to shine! 

You guys havve no idea how excited I am about doing this for all of you.  All of you are already great so no worries....wo with no more hesitation I am flicking the switch and the Spotlight is ON! READY~SET~SHINE ON!!

The first psot is from a young lady that goes by the name of Sagittarian.  Her spirit is so bright and is very happ to be a Shiner along with the rest of you.  So please after reading her piece Skip on over to her blog and shine the spotlight on her!!

                                                                         Shining Star

            Everyone can shine, anyone can be a star....After all my painful journey. 
         Finally here and you have lighted my way and hold me so tight. 
       Thank you my little shining stat....

I wasn't loves before, but you did love me now
I've been betrayed too, but you didn't do
I thought I will fall and can't stand again
But here is your hand lifed me up and never let me down;
I thought I was born, to walk this painful world alone
But I thank you my star.....
You came and never left me at all....
After rain their is sunshine....
When there is a beginning their will be an end....

Do you want to shine??
I'm telling you now, never ever lose hope.
God is always there to give us light that has never ending shine!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shine the Spotlight....

Hello Shiners….
This is one of my most exciting posts that I am having the pleasure of sharing with you all.  Many of you I am getting to know and many of you that are behind the scenes readers, never the less each of you have humbled my heart in some way!

This post is about “Shining the Spotlight”.  I want to shine the spotlight on all of you if you would allow me the pleasure. 
Let me explain to you what “Shine the Spotlight” is all about. 
Shining the Spotlight is about “YOU”. I am not involved in any way….well besides me loving my Shiners and posting their wonderful pieces through my blog to their blog.  Doing this will shine the spotlight on you.  See I want to make this very clear-IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!

I am a 3 ½ year college student and I will be going back to school starting on October, 19th, 2011.  No worries I will still be around to pass on my daily dose of positivity, however, I will not have as much time to write as often as I would like and this saddens me to my core.  I am a Psychology major, and with psychology it entails so much writing that I honestly will not have that much time to write when I want to on what I want to, but I will post here and there.  This is why I want to shine the spotlight on you Shiners.

I have gotten to know so many of you and you guys make me smile so much each day.  I want to show all of my other readers how magnificent you are.

***Here is what I am looking for from my wonderful Shiners.***
If you would like to be apart of Shine the Spotlight all you have to do is write about something that is positive, funny, inspirational, kindness, NOTHING NEGATIVE, and be family friendly.  I expect for you to be yourself, no word count, I love pictures but not mandatory, so pretty much how you would write on your own blog just in those areas. I am sure that I will love it so RELAXXXX! The next thing you do is sign up with the linky below, write a piece and email it to  I will read it over and let you know when I will post you piece.  Each Wednesday I will post a new piece so Wednesdays I will be shining the Spotlight on you! I have a few awesome shiners already but I want to shine on more of you!! Of course it goes without saying that I will link our pages so that other readers can skip on over to your blogs as well. 

So if you would like to be apart of Shine the spotlight all  that is left for you to do is sign up. The link has been placed below!!

So what do ya say?? Would you allow me to shine the spotlight on you!