Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Let your Light Shine....

Well Shiners we have come to our final Shining the Spotlight post of the year! Yeah I know time fly's but hunni each of you are amazing! I have never read so may great pieces from such awesome people in my life! I have had the pleasure of shining the spotlight on so many and I don't think I will stop there! Just keep in mind the new year has some new, fun, different and awesome things in store! I cant wait for you to be apart of that too! Well lets get to it shall we!!!

First of all I am so thankful for Melissa allowing me this wonderful opportunity to guest post. Most mornings Melissa greets me with a wonderful twitter hello, and it really does help make my morning start better. You see although Melissa and I have never met personally she sends me a morning smile… just because. That is just one of the many ways that she is always letting her light shine. AND for that I am very appreciative.

Let your light shine

Some people aren’t naturally positive people. They just are not. No explanations needed.

Does that make them mean or negative?


What about those who just “keep it real”?

Nope. Some of them are my closest friends and blog buddies too! They do keep it real. No sugar coating, just the facts and you know what? Some of their perceptions help me maintain a realistic view of life and my expectations.

For me it is important to be surrounded by people who allow my light to shine. But in order for my light to shine I have to know that disappointments will happen. Every day won’t be all happy, holding hands and singing hymns.

You see adversity has made me stronger. Taking the time to get to know people, from ALL walks of life has helped me define my outlook in life.

I have learned who to surround myself with and who to steer clear from.

What about those people who you can’t stay away from?

Continue to let your light sine. AND just maybe your light will set a fire within someone else. If that light begins to fade, evaluate exactly why you are staying near those people.

As we start a New Year, I challenge you to assess yourself and those you keep close.

Is it possible for you to let your light shine a little brighter in 2012?

Does that mean you have to do a complete makeover of yourself if you are in the mean or category?

Absolutely not!

HOWEVER, my challenge for you is to find a way EVERYDAY to smile for no reason at all. This is one option for letting your inner light shine. Sounds crazy? Well give it a try and see what happens. I think you might be surprised.

You can start right now

Go ahead.

Do it.

I’m waiting.


Awesome! Just be sure to pop a mint and everything should be fine.

Wishing you an absolutely wonderful day!

Before you go tell me in the comments what are some other ways that you can let your inner light shine. Yes, I know you might have to dig WAY down to figure something out. No worries, take your time.

Latorsha, is the blogger of Life is Hard, Laugh Anyway, a place where she tries to remain optimistic by any means necessary, mostly laughter. On twitter you can follow her at @AnOptimisticMom. You can check out her blog Here or contact her at AnOptimisticMom@



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the opportunity to be featured here. :)

Recovering Supermom said...

Well done, LaTorsha! I think I'm a person who likes to keep it real. I like your point that although we will face disappointments and adversity, we're still challenged to let our lights shine. I think the way I'm going to working on shining my light is to keep working on my blog.

kita said...

Great post I think I am that person a lot of people call negative I am not mean per say but I call it like I see it. I love the quote lol

Mrs. Pancakes said...

it's sooo soo important to surround yourself with positive people! Awesome post...definitely a good read going into the new year!

Denise said...

I do it by finding humor in life - I've learned to be very good at that. And surrounding myself with positive people :)

Alison said...

LaTorsha, thanks for such an uplifting, positive post! I believe I let my light shine by encouraging others in the midst of their challenges, by being optimistic, and by decreasing contact with negative people. And, of course, through my blog!

Lisa said...

Excellent post and I'd love to keep a smile on every day in 2012 no matter what happens. Thanks!

Cam | Bibs and Baubles said...

Love the quote. BTW, Melissa is all kinds of positive awesome!!! A great way to let your light shine is to wake up counting your blessings.

Mimi said...

Love this!!!!

toi said...

What a great guest post Latorsha. I do believe that surrounding yourself with positive people helps in life. But you are right to say that not everyone will be there holding hands and singing hyms but always you have to be able to let your light shine through.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the kind comments and support. You all are awesome!!! ;)