Monday, September 10, 2012

Willingness to Change

Hey there Shiners & Shinettes….I hope all is well with everyone!
As I should be working, I felt the need to blog.  Yes darlings, when the mood hits me I try to run with it.
 As you look at the title, you may say what is this all about, well let me tell you.  Many times, we may want to change but many things that keep us from change.  To be honest-I myself have fallen victim to this many times.  Granted I am as positive as can be but I am human as they come. 
As I read my word this morning (I understand that not every one is of the same religion, but this will help you as well) I cam across a devotional that had the title just like the one above.  Instantly it stopped me in my tracks, why, because I feel that we all have to have a strong willingness to change.  Many times, we may sit and get to a critical point on our lives before we actually stop and profess that we need to change. 
Let me fill you guys in on some things, and how this applied to me because, I know we all have different situations. 
A while a go I said that I wanted to change for the better, I took small steps towards this change and thought that this was all good well and fine.  HOWEVER, I still kept seeing myself frustrated, annoyed, sad, angry, and not focused.  I said that I was not going to keep falling back into the same situation and habits that kept me that way.  I would be good for a few days and I was right back at square one.  HA silly little girl, I said I had the willingness to change but who was I fooling.  Mind you----this continued to happen repeatedly, until this past Friday.  I had so called friends driving me to continue my behavior through their behavior. Deep down, it was never them; it was my level of willingness to change.  It was weak and that is why I continued to be aggravated by their actions.  See Shiners & Shinettes…people are going to be who they are and we can no longer sit and blame them for how WE act.  WE have to have the divine will power to change. 
Well I did it…I removed the issues….yes ISSUES from my life because I know that I have the will to change for the better.  I am not one to make excuses, I have always owned up to my part of the foolery that I added to my life.  I am owning up to my part and going to make a change.  I have removed some people from my life because I want to be healthy.  Some people and their behaviors are toxic and I choose “LIFE”.  To get my LIFE back to the way it needs to be, happy and fulfilling.  Not finding away back to square one. 
Now when we want that good change, we have to understand that it is not going to be easy, and we will feel uncomfortable for a while, test and much more will present themselves (I know this first hand) but hold strong and fight.   
All of this to say Shiners & Shinettes….if you want change, do what you have to do and hold on tight.  No matter that the vice is, smoking, drinking, losing weight, eating, living, or letting some other bad habit go.  Having that WILLINGNESS to change is at you fingertips.  A better life, a better mind and a better YOU is waiting to flourish!

Ms. Positivity