Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Shining the Spotlight" Focus on Positivity and Chase Joy.....

                        Hey there once again my wonderful Shiners! 

                          This is week 2 of "Shining the Spotlight" 

This weeks post is from a young lady that goes by the name of Chasing Joy! 
To be honest if it wasn't for her I truly would not be Positively Shining. 
After reading her guest post Skip on over to her blog and Shine the Spotlight their as well!  Thank you Joy for guiding my way! 


                               Focus on Positivity and Chase Joy.....

When Ms. Positivity invited me to do a guest post on Positively Shinning I was honored but also a bit troubled as I had no clue what to write about.  I have never written a post for someone else’s blog.  Although I have been blogging for almost two years I am still just a little afraid every time I hit the publish button.  So this guest post thing is definitely requiring me to make a withdrawal from the courage account. 

But Ms. Positivity is indeed Positively Shinning and a true Joy Chaser.  She is doing some awesome things in her personal life (school, parenting, mentoring, and career) and still making time to encourage us to laugh, smile and Positively Shine.  So of course I would do a guest post for her. 
As I have been thinking about what I could possible write for my gust post I realized that lately I have been reading inspirational text, scripture, and thinking about the topic of  how I could make a difference in others’ lives, maybe even a difference in the world. 

When I started my blog Chasing Joy, my main purpose was to give myself some sort of hobby to take my mind of off the depression I was experiencing.  I was recovering from a lot of loss and grief and needed to focus on something positive.  Of course I knew people made money off of blogs and thought that might be cool too. But I basically just needed a positive outlet.

I figured if I focused on happiness I wouldn’t be able to help but get a little happier.  I was right.  I not only got a little happier I got a lot happier.  I started looking for the positives in almost every situation.  When I felt down I started looking for ways to feel better instead of falling into the self pity pit.  I started trying new things just because I might like them.  I started counting my blessings more often and practicing an attitude of gratitude.  Happier people started being drawn to me. 

Now almost two years later the main purpose of my blog is shifting.  I still use my blog to keep myself focused on positivity, happiness, and Joy.  However know I would like my blog to offer a bit of inspiration to others not just myself.  I would like people to read it and smile, laugh, and take a little Joy away from it.  I’d like my blog to encourage others to look for Joy in their everyday situations.  I’d like my blog to be a source of positivity.  I’d like my blog to add to not just my but others’ quality of life. 

Some people are takers in every situation.  I do not want to be one of those people.  I want to add to situations.  Add happiness. Add calmness.  Add beauty.  Add stability.  Add support. Add Inspiration. Add Positivity.  My blog is just one way I can do that.  I can Positively Shine on everyone who Chases Joy with me by adding humor, adding inspiration, and adding a focus on gratitude. 

Not everyone writes or comes into large numbers of people virtually or in person.  But we can all add to any and every situation we are in.  Don’t be a person who only takes.  How are you adding and Positively Shining in your life?  

To get to know Joy even better check her out on Twitter @Chasing_Joy and on Facebook Chasing Joy and Shining bright with me and all of my Shiners!
Be well, Be blessed and I hope to see you again soon! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Chasing Joy Guest Post.....

Hey of my good friends invited me to do a guest piece for her blog....I was so giddy because she is one of the main reasons why I blog today, along with my 2 sisters if MAZ ( Aliya & Z) with this offer I could not refuse. I sat and just started writing. For my Shiners who are getting to know me I have a passion for positivity, and I plan on seeing it through to the fullest! It may not stop at the blog....this may spread in a major way and you will be apart of it all. You Shiners are the puzzle pieces to the masterpiece! I am honored to know you, and for my silent readers I would like to hear from you as well....don't be silent, I encourage you to reach out....tell me who you are so we can connect and shine even brighter. But for today, Skip on over to Chasing Joy's blog and see my guest piece. In addition....check out her blog and show her some amazing love! Trust me she is awesome.
If you want to contact me you can always and I mean always drop me a line and we can connect!
 See you Shiners soon! And remember to always Shine On

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Shining the Spotlight Series" Shining Star.....

Hey there Shiners....

Today is the day....the day to start "Shining the Spotlight!"  Remember this is all about "YOU" and I can't wait to show everyone jsut how great you guys are!!.  Each Wednesday I will have a new post for a new blogger to shine! 

You guys havve no idea how excited I am about doing this for all of you.  All of you are already great so no worries....wo with no more hesitation I am flicking the switch and the Spotlight is ON! READY~SET~SHINE ON!!

The first psot is from a young lady that goes by the name of Sagittarian.  Her spirit is so bright and is very happ to be a Shiner along with the rest of you.  So please after reading her piece Skip on over to her blog and shine the spotlight on her!!

                                                                         Shining Star

            Everyone can shine, anyone can be a star....After all my painful journey. 
         Finally here and you have lighted my way and hold me so tight. 
       Thank you my little shining stat....

I wasn't loves before, but you did love me now
I've been betrayed too, but you didn't do
I thought I will fall and can't stand again
But here is your hand lifed me up and never let me down;
I thought I was born, to walk this painful world alone
But I thank you my star.....
You came and never left me at all....
After rain their is sunshine....
When there is a beginning their will be an end....

Do you want to shine??
I'm telling you now, never ever lose hope.
God is always there to give us light that has never ending shine!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shine the Spotlight....

Hello Shiners….
This is one of my most exciting posts that I am having the pleasure of sharing with you all.  Many of you I am getting to know and many of you that are behind the scenes readers, never the less each of you have humbled my heart in some way!

This post is about “Shining the Spotlight”.  I want to shine the spotlight on all of you if you would allow me the pleasure. 
Let me explain to you what “Shine the Spotlight” is all about. 
Shining the Spotlight is about “YOU”. I am not involved in any way….well besides me loving my Shiners and posting their wonderful pieces through my blog to their blog.  Doing this will shine the spotlight on you.  See I want to make this very clear-IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!

I am a 3 ½ year college student and I will be going back to school starting on October, 19th, 2011.  No worries I will still be around to pass on my daily dose of positivity, however, I will not have as much time to write as often as I would like and this saddens me to my core.  I am a Psychology major, and with psychology it entails so much writing that I honestly will not have that much time to write when I want to on what I want to, but I will post here and there.  This is why I want to shine the spotlight on you Shiners.

I have gotten to know so many of you and you guys make me smile so much each day.  I want to show all of my other readers how magnificent you are.

***Here is what I am looking for from my wonderful Shiners.***
If you would like to be apart of Shine the Spotlight all you have to do is write about something that is positive, funny, inspirational, kindness, NOTHING NEGATIVE, and be family friendly.  I expect for you to be yourself, no word count, I love pictures but not mandatory, so pretty much how you would write on your own blog just in those areas. I am sure that I will love it so RELAXXXX! The next thing you do is sign up with the linky below, write a piece and email it to  I will read it over and let you know when I will post you piece.  Each Wednesday I will post a new piece so Wednesdays I will be shining the Spotlight on you! I have a few awesome shiners already but I want to shine on more of you!! Of course it goes without saying that I will link our pages so that other readers can skip on over to your blogs as well. 

So if you would like to be apart of Shine the spotlight all  that is left for you to do is sign up. The link has been placed below!!

So what do ya say?? Would you allow me to shine the spotlight on you!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

United We Stand~Planting Positivity Seeds.....

                            Hey Shiners! It is a great day in Positivity land!

Well let me get to it....the name of this piece "United We Stand~Planting Positivity Seeds" says so much to me.  As we all know many times when we are trying to do something either it be at work or in our homes we need help.  When we don't ask for help that project may fall to the waist side.  Together with help the project is much easier and gets completed.

Well Shiners it is the exact same way if we allow negativity to surround us, we fall victim to the action.  On the other hand, if we surround ourselves with like minded positive people we stand united, so when we need help dealing with negativity we are not alone.

It is so easy for negativity to slip under our skin and plant its discouraging seed.  Being around positivity plants positive seeds and positive roots....and quite frankly Shiners~I don't mind a single bit if those type of roots just over run our garden of positivity.

See, each morning when I send out my salutations on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network, I plant a positive seed and my Shiners who are in the positive garden with me water those seeds by responding back with positivity.  Starting your day off positive with all of you keeps us united.  One break in the positivity chain and those pesky negative roots start to fester.

Shiners their is no room for negativity.....if we see any get rid of it.  If it is surrounding you cut it off-if it keeps growing around you keep planting those positive seeds.  Its either they are going to stand united with us or we are cutting them off at the roots.

We are in control as to what is planted.  We are too wonderful, beautiful, motivated, inspired, and dedicated to let these negative roots spring up.  Our garden will constantly be on the attack if we are not united in protecting it from negativity.

So Shiners, it is time to tend our garden! i will take the first watch and keep you guys as positive as can be, but at the first sight of those negativity roots we will stand united and cut them down to size.  So take your best shot negativity-me and my Shiners are a tough team to beat!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Free As a Butterfly.....

                                  Hey their Shiners....we meet once again.

                                         I pray all is well with all of you.

For anyone who knows me, I have a deep admiration for butterflies.  I have them all over the place like a big kid collecting their favorite toy cars or something else they love.  Have you ever seen how free a butterfly looks as it flutters its beautiful wings to get to its destination?  I have always looked at butterflies as free spirits, much like myself.

From the very start they go through the stages to grow and lastly blossom into the ever so free beautiful butterfly.

Like the butterfly Shiners, we go through many changes to become the beautiful butterflies we are today.  Don't get me wrong Shiners, it does take some time to be does not happen over night-or at an blink of an eye.

We have challenges to over come to be free as well.  For many of us shining butterflies we have money issues, family issues, health issues, job issues, or just piece of mind issues.  As we over come these trials we shed another layer to become that free butterfly.

In addition, just like the butterfly, we will go through many changes in our lives such as, happiness, sadness, children, marriage, friendships and much more.

Shiners we are beautiful butterflies, I have gotten to know so many of you on a deeper side than just from blogging.  So many have families, husbands, wives, girlfriends, daily struggles, and our ups and downs.  This is a true make up of a beautiful butterfly.  All of our challenges, changes, and lastly the blossoming into a beautiful butterfly-so free-not being held back-breaking through it all-staying active, beating the odds and spreading our beautiful wings as wide as we can and fluttering as free and far as we want.

So again I say Shiners-be the FREE and BEAUTIFUL butterfly that you are....I'm watching in admiration!!

                                     What makes you free as a butterfly??

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Sun Shines on You.....


Hello once again Shiners!

I must say that I love the title of this piece.  Don’t you just feel great when we see the sun shining ever so brightly in the sky down on us?  In a way it brings smile to our faces because it signals that we are having good weather and that is one of the many things that can start our day on a positive note, besides being able to rise another day.

Let me get to the real reason of the title Shiners.  I have met the most wonderful group of young ladies that I had the pleasure of mentoring to help get their lives back on track and to do great in school.  When I first met them they were playing a get to know you game called “Sunshine”.  We all sat in a huge circle big enough for everyone to get up and move all around.  One of the girls had the job of being the Sun-Castor.  This is how it went.  The Sun-Castor would look around and then say “The sun shines on you if….” Then she would select her random item let’s say jeans.  Then she would say “The sun shines on you if you have on jeans”, then everyone wearing jeans would get up and run around to another chair but it could not be the same seat.  The goal is not to get caught standing up after everyone else has found a seat, then you would be the sun-Castor.  I love that game still to this day and the girls as well. 

Here is the catch shiners-I am starting my own version of “If the sun shines on you” and instead of not wanting to be caught I say stay standing!

Many of us are single mothers and fathers, (there are many stand up guys out there today as well), holding our families together instead of letting them fall apart, raising our children up correctly, knowing how to really love, giving second chances, being forgiving, being a true friend, lending a helping hand to one that is less fortunate, wiping tears, kissing boo-boos, taking our lives back and so much more.

Therefore, the sun is shining you Shiners.  I am so proud of each and every one of you for letting the sun shine in. 
In today’s society, we are faced with so many barriers and we are over coming them all.  With that being said, keep Positively Shining Bright because the sun continues to shine on you! ALL of you!

                                     So tell me why is the sun shining on you?