Friday, February 8, 2013

You Can’t….OH YES YOU CAN!


Hey there Shiners and Shinettes, I am so glad to be here with you once again!

Many times, we speak these hindering words of “I CAN’T”.  These words are so hindering to our lives that I wish that it would just disappear.  I have murmured this statement so many times in my life that I could have a small fortune if I were saving up.  How many of you can admit that?  Well one day I sat back and said; why am I so afraid to do something?  Is it because I want validation from others or when I run an idea past another, I would not get the response that I desired.  As I said, I ONCE lived that afraid-life full of “I Can’t”.  Hey, as the saying goes…I’ve been there done that…but NOT ANYMORE!!

Well darlings I am here to let you know that it is time…it is time for YOU to let go of “I can’t”.  I understand that there are some things that we are not able to do at that moment, and maybe we have to plan better so that we CAN accomplish some things, however, to say we CAN’T leads to I Haven’t and then giving up.  Can we afford to give up on ourselves? Uhhhh NO!

 We have invested so much into ourselves and many times, we just don’t follow through.  Is that what we stand for?  I am sure that is NOT what we stand for.  I know that we have dreams, and plans.  I know that WE are not weak and WE CAN do anything that WE put our minds to do.
I went from I Can’t, to I CAN, and I did.  WE can do anything as long as we do not hinder ourselves with self-doubt.  If we focus on US and not trying to obtain approval to see what another will say we will be able to achieve so much more.

I know that YOU can get that job.
I know that YOU can get your degree.
I know that YOU can be a homeowner.

How do I know?? I know because I could and I did just that!  I stopped thinking negative and planned better.  I wrote things down, made small goals, which turned into big goals, the big goals turned into accomplishments.  All you have to do is STOP saying or thinking that YOU can’t and then YOU will see what YOU CAN do!  Whatever it is in your life that YOU are speaking “I CAN’T over…STOP!! Step back-take a deep breath- nod, and state OH YES I CAN!

I have no doubt that YOU CAN…I am proud of you already!

Until next time…keep Positively Shining!!!

Ms. Positivity

Friday, February 1, 2013

Because of YOU!!!

Well Hello There Shiners and Shinettes….

It has been a while since my last blog post and there is a reason for that, so here goes.

My last post was in December of 2012, and from that day, I have been a busy-busy woman, but at the same time, I honestly had felt that I lost my spark to blog. Yes, I know Ms. Positivity felt that she had lost her spark!!! GASPS how dare I…Well, I am here to say that I have not lost my spark…in fact I think it was just turned down a bit so that I could pursue other things to make Positively Shining that much better and it is!

See, for many that do know me, Positively Shining was just a blog, but over the past year, with YOUR support, YOU gave me the notion to make this bigger that I could ever imagine. When I would blog, it would be about positive things and how NOT to let them get to us and drag us down…. Well how about I still do that but NOW the passion is back. Let me explain.

When I set my heart to do something, I attack it with all of my heart. I had a out of the blue conversation with a good friend (Sammy) that I have only met over the internet and his spirit is much like my own. He stated “Hi Melissa! This page is not growing. I'd like to see it grow so I need you to post some stuff (with pictures though. I find people tend to ignore posts without pics on my page anyhow), which I can share on my page. ;) xoxox ♥”

See just with this message we chatted a bit and I followed his direction as to how to grow my page. I am very passionate with what I do so I prayed and went at it! As I followed his direction, I started seeing more and more people LIKING Positively Shining on Facebook!

Now do not get me wrong I do not blog to get more likes on my page, but to let YOU all know that it’s because of your LIKES on my Facebook page that has given me back my SPARK TO BLOG! Just this week alone I think about 30+ Shiners and Shinettes have LIKED the page because of its message. It’s because of YOU that I am excited about blogging again. It’s because of YOU that I prepare myself each day to motivate, inspire, encourage and empower. It is because of YOU that I am sitting here so excited to write and post this blog piece. See guys…YOU are awesome and YOU keep me going with Positively Shining!! YOU never let me down and I have to return the favor and NOT let you down….


I Love You are and again...Thank You for Turning my SPARK back up! 

Ms. Positivity