Sunday, May 27, 2012



Hey Shiners and Shinettes!  Yes, it has been a while but I have been getting one-step closer to my Bachelors degree and I will graduate in August of this year!  

Alright, let me get back to the point of this post.  Lately I have been seeing so many good people frustrated over another’s foolish actions.  When I see this, it saddens me because I know they are good people.  Well to this, I say the buck stops right here and now!  It is time to stand up for what you believe in and take your happiness back.  It is not for them to take and it is time to put up the “I’M NOT HAVING IT SIGN” and stand by it to the fullest. 

See darlings, we cannot allow these type of people to come in and try to rock our worlds leave us frustrated, confused, angry and ready to fight.  That is where they want us to be-in the depths of misery just like them.  As the saying goes misery loves company.  Moreover, to that I say, “I’M NOT HAVING IT” I rather be alone than to deal with negativity like that. 

These people are jealous of your calmness, smiles, laughter, or anything that keeps you on the up and up.

So how do we get rid of them?  You would think this is an easy answer, which it is, however, so many do not follow their own rules.  These days, we cannot keep giving these people the power to get to us.  All it takes is a small crack and they are in and thus the reap havoc on our lives.  Well here is how we stop them. Here are the rules and the penalty for breaking any of the rules are the “I’M NOT HAVING IT SIGN AND TOTAL DISMISSAL FROM OUR LIVES”
1. If they are negative
2. If they LIE
3. If they pray on your downfall
4. Constantly talking about someone
5. Stealing
6. Bragging to bring you down
7. Don’t lift you up
8. Never there for you but you for them
9. Cheat
10. Betray you
11. Never sees eye to eye to keep you arguing
12. Never supports you

I know there are much more but this is just a start…if we can apply this to any of the people around us then they deserve the penalty for it.  It is time to set our standards once again and hold others accountable. There is no need in asking why they are like this.  They will not change and they should be removed.  How many times can we allow someone that we know to practice these acts?  It is hard at times but I say “I’M NOT HAVING IT” and you will be removed.  Keep positive people around you, who are for you and want to keep you up and positive.  Trust me you will see the difference in no time.  

Therefore, it is time to stop the ranting and raving and get to cleaning up our positive aura….Negativity does not look good on any of us!