Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I see you-JUST YOU.....

In this day and in this society, I wish we all saw the same colors….NONE!
Therefore, I challenge each of us to see No skin color, NO race, No religion….Take a stand and just see each other….The most beautiful color of them all.

I see you-Just YOU

When I look at you, I see a person, not skin color.  Many different shades of browns, lights, even olive colors but I see you-just YOU!  Many see religions such as Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhism but I see you-Just you.  In my mind, I see no colors of skin, race, or religion-I see you-Just you.

Past power has caused us to be blind but still I see you.  Many races are holding on to incorrect history book lessons, being brained washed to see skin color and race not I, I see you-Just you.  Oh how unfair has history treated us-yes “US” poorly-just down right disrespectful.  Are we not in the same boat these days?  Many still see color and race even when we are all struggling in this place but as for me, I see you-Just you. 

Many teach their children color and religion….I cannot practice such acts why? because I see you-Just you.  Teach our children that there is no skin color, race, or religion because none of that matters.  Do we all not struggle with not having enough food, clothes, money, jobs, love?  None of the things listed has anything to do with color, race, or religion; they are upon all of us at this very moment in time.  In my opinion, it is morally incorrect to pass on such hate of a skin color, or religion.  I do not practice these acts-why, because I see you-Just you. 

I see the person, the character, the smile, love, patience, kindness, humbleness, helpfulness, tears, hurt, pain, sadness, happiness, laughter, poverty, loyalty, richness.  See not one time did I mention skin color, race or religion-why because I see you-Just you and I hope that you Just See Me To! 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Letter to Love.....

Dear Love,

For many days and nights you have ignored me-left me in the cold.  You have taught me some really harsh lessons that have left me hurt while trotting off and supplying your love to another.

Why have you left me? What did I do to deserve such treatment? Constantly leaving me lonely, cold-minded,and confused-oh and lets not forget enraged, because I saw you with others. It seems that it was so easy for you to make others happy.  What was it about me that you did not like?  What about me Love?  Was I not worthy enough for your love?  I wanted to endure your love but each time you snatched it away like it was a sick game that only "YOU" were playing. I wanted what they had-what you were providing them.

See Love, when I was with him why didn't you teach him how to use your love, no all I was shown was pain-so with that you left me once again lost, alone, and the feeling of dying.

You are a major trickster that likes to play tricks with the mind.  I swore I saw you but I guess I was mistaken once again, because when I approached you it wasn't you at all.  It was lies, deceit, hurt, broken bones, and much pain.  Enraged, I cursed your name because I still saw you with others.  As I cried, I thought was I not worthy enough to even get the smallest piece of your love.  Am I not doing what you asked? Wait Love will find you many said; what did you want from me-I just wanted your love.

That's it I am now ignoring you-I will not look for you, speak of you, say your name.  Love, even though this is going to hurt me as much as it hurts you "You are nothing to me".  You left me gasping for air to fill my lungs.  I knew you were laughing at me because I was broken but I will have the last laugh.  I shall pay you no mind, I will go my own way.  I have no desire for you because you don't want me.  I have learned my lesson.  I give up-fine be that way, you don't have to worry about me even looking your way.

I will not call or text, I will not Facebook, or Twitter to see who you were with next.  I have been sloughed off to the side long enough, its OK one thing is that you made me tough.  No more tears and sadness, I have no desire to partake in any more of you mental madness, your games, trust me I have been through enough pain.  So I leave you with this I have learned a valuable lesson and even in my rant I love you for showing me what many can't.  Today is a new day and you have been here a while.  To my Love, thank you for making your love worth while.


Soon to be Mrs. Love

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

No More Silent Tears....Raise them "UP"

Many times I look at so many children and see that they are broken and alone because they are searching for a deeper love than from a stranger....Why does it have to be from a stranger it should be from YOU the parent! Its really time to raise our children up to be better, and to show them that they are loved more than love its self. No child should be without the real deep down love from their parents but sadly they are. So let us change the way things are and shine some positive light into the children of today and show them that their are parents who LOVE their children to the fullest!



Here I present to "Silent Tears"

As the tears fall slowly down the face, the child wonders how they even ended up in this place...
What did I say, what did I do- not to know what it feels like to get a hug or 2??
Sitting all alone- no mommy or daddy at home...
Silent tears-the only thing known to comfort the fears.
Am I asking for too much, to know what it is to feel a parents comforting touch?
As the Silent Tears continue to fall, the child finds that this is the best comfort of all.
No time for me, always gotta place where you need to be.
As the Silent Tears continue to fall, the child is starring blankly at the wall.
As the Silent Tears fall slowly down the face, the child wonders when
they will have a change of pace...
Do you even care how my day was, can i even share...
No moms too busy fixing her hair.
As the Silent Tears continue to fall the child wonders do I even matter at all.
Sitting in this lonely place with the Silent Tears still falling down the face.
The child thinks maybe if I end my life, momma or poppa may finally see the light.
Feeling so sad...
Enough of the Silent tears; a lonely child has shed enough for years.
The child says "One day when I'm gone, they will sing a sad song dropping Silent Tears-Wow something I was doing all along...

Never ignore your children...for the fact that one day you might be the one shedding Silent Tears!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mood Booster Moments....It was trying to get me...Well NOT really

Well shiners here it is....my Mood Booster Moment of the week.
Let me set your mind so you can better understand the foolishness that I am about to present to you.
I was eleven years old in good ole Florida, this was the first time that I traveled alone without my parents.  I went with a neighbor, and I had a tons of fun.  We decided to catch a movie so we found a movie theater, my neighbor watches a movie and I watch another.  Skipping ahead, the movie lets out and their were hundreds of people coming out so I decided to wait for my neighbor over near a bush so she could see me or I would see her.  There was a ledge that I hopped upon but I was not comfortable so I adjusted myself.  Here is where the problem occurs, I sit back way to far and fall back into the small bush and guess what was in the bush????

                                                                                       THIS>>>>>>>>>>>>>(BRACE YOURSELF)>>>>>
Tons of them were all over me, so now I have a phobia of crawling creatures pretty much by these ugly looking things that I wish fall off of the face of the earth so I can get my mind right....Anywhoooo.........

So now that I have given you guys the brutal squeamish background here is how 9/11/2011 at 2:38 AM went......

We-oh my boyfriend and I are relaxing because he just arrived to my house from work.  We are mapping out some plans because his birthday is next month so we are putting things in motion for a great birthday for him and this is what he says:
BF: Babe ummmmm there is a huge bug over there.
Me:WTH WHERE? as I begin to panic-remember the phobia
Me:OMG TURN ON THE LIGHTS...(at this point my big behind is standing up in the middle of my bed) 
BF:Babe it is ok I am gonna kill it.
Me: OMG WHERE THE HELL IS IT?? I DON'T SEE IT(as if I really wanted to but I need to because I STILL don't see it.)  My BF moves his overnight bag...OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG GET IT WHERE IS IT?? (Poor BF is probably like why is she standing in the middle if the bed screaming while I'm down here with said creature) LMBO!!!! 
BF: Where did it go?
Me: (still standing my big butt in the middle of the bed with the creature NOWHERE near me) 
BF: Oh I see it-it is under the TV stand but I cant get it.
Me: OMG OMG (whining as I am still standing panicing in the middle if the bed now clutching my chest)
BF: WHAMMMM! he kills it....my hero!

Well Im glad that is over, as I am STILL standing in the middle of my bed like a plum fool.
                                       *And here comes the rant*

Me: Babe it was trying to get me!!! (No not really) if you weren't here I would of just died...you hear me DIED! LOL  It would have been on the night stand looking at me like "ohhh look at her there sleeping" And wait!!! What if I were going to the bathroom?! It would of been a puddle on the bleepin floor because I would of been trying to escape that ugly thing....that thing would of had the run of the room!
BF: (Smirking) Babe I killed it.
Me: NO NO NO I would have slept with the kids.
BF: You wouldn't have killed it?
Me: WHAT ARE YOU NUTS!!!!???!?!?!?! Cthu at myself now that it is over.

Shiners I had all sorts of excuses.  I even said if it would have been on me (mind you it was nowhere near me) I would have packed up and moved. Alright, I finally calmed down an entire hour later...(Yeah I know an hour) I get down off of the bed.

A total mess because was now 3:30AM #FOOLERY.....

****But it was really trying to get me though-i'm serious...Man Nevermind-Humph LMBO!!!****

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moments of you----Celebrate

Moments of You-Celebrate
“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life.  Be happy now.  Do not wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future.  Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it is at work or with your family.  Every minute should be enjoyed and savoured.”
                             Earl Nightingale

Not every moment we celebrate ourselves.  Why do we only celebrate ourselves when there is a birthday, wedding, or even a funeral/death?  We should celebrate our beings each and every day of our lives.  I know that there has to be moments in our lives that we want to celebrate.  These moments do not have to warrant a huge shebang but it is time to give ourselves more credit than we do.
With so much going on in this crazy mixed up world, we should celebrate that we are not a part of the madness.  I clearly understand that many parts of the world are in chaos but that does not mean that we do not have the right to celebrate ourselves during this time.  We work hard and just as hard as many others out here in this world.  Should we not celebrate that because to a few bosses they are trying to figure out ways to get rid of a particular employee because they are dead weight; you should celebrate because that person is not you because you show astounding work ethic and do not slack in times of need on the job.  With so many senseless crimes happening, let us celebrate that we are not involved in those acts of life.  With so many killings happening day after day, let us celebrate that we did not have a hand in taking that life.  With so many children being hurt, let us celebrate that we love and cherish our children and that they do not endure that harsh lifestyle. 
Why are we not celebrating our small accomplishments?  We complained less than usual, we are motivated to the fullest rather than being lazy and procrastinating on a project, we are focused more on the important things, and not letting them slip through the cracks, we are more affectionate to one another (children/family), and caring more for the ones who are in need of our help.  We should celebrate us-because we do not fall in the likes of being cruel, hateful, crime driven and much, much more.  This here is to shine some positive light on the people in this world who are acting accordingly towards life.  Many times hey mainly all of the time we get looked over because of all of the negative that is raining down upon us-So how about taking a moment and celebrate YOU.  I think that you deserve it and you should as well.
Shine On!!
Ms. Positivity

Saturday, September 3, 2011

You should Change!-No wait-I WILL....

You should change!!!

How many times have we told some one that they should change their actions, moods, attitudes, or any negative attribute of their being?  How many times do we want a person to change the way they are acting or do particular things and with ease we are easily annoyed to the core.  We may want to tell them about themselves or demand that if they do not change their ways we will do some drastic act in the likes of not speaking to them, or even begin to reevaluate our friendship or dealings with such a person.

Well Shiners I am actually here to give you a bit of news that you may not want to hear-YES they may need to change but so do we.

Now wait before you get defensive let me explain.  I have noticed on more that a few occasions that we let their foolish, ignorant, and careless actions get the better of us and now due to these shenanigans we are pissed off to all ends.  I say instead of losing our cool WE will change how WE react, because if you think about it their the ones who demonstrate these actions daily or on a frequent basis and what do we do EXPLODE! Well no more~we will not let the actions of others knock us off our square.

Here are the rules:

*Their is to be NO reaction.  All raw emotion must go.  This is what makes us go nuts from their actions.  NO emotion towards it surfaces no reaction.

*Expect them to continue to be this way, if we do this their will be no surprises.  If we are not surprised their will be no reaction.

*NO Questions-questioning about the antics they display will only dig up emotions and reactions, so no questions no reactions.  Got it?!! I hope so!!! :)

*Lastly tune them out-Now this I know is easier said than done, but of we do our best to tune them out then their is no emotions, no questions, no reaction.

So Shiners if we follow the rules then we are the ones who change.

So I will end with this: "Remember that nothing can break you~give it no power! And with no power it has no ability to break your positivity" Ms. Positivity

And that is how we change....Shine On Shiners!