Monday, November 18, 2013

Spirits Up....I Forgot the Eggplant


Good Monday morning Shiners and Shinettes.  The weekend seems to go by so fast, but never the less; we are here to start another great week.

Well, I know you must be wondering what the heck is this post about!?  Well, this post is about forgetting the eggplant.  I totally, understand that you may not like eggplant but it’s a silly story behind it and a walk through trials that lead up to this title.

I had plans this weekend and many of them fell through, well shoot, all of them did.  I know many of you can relate, when you plan to do something and then all of a sudden BAM, you’re not going anywhere.  Well that was me this weekend.  I had two things that I wanted to do, I wanted to support a friend, and I was supposed to go to the movies but I was not able to because while doing laundry, my dryer decided to just stop working.  Sooooo, as I sat there with one load of clothes in the washer wet, I had another load in the dryer wet.  Great!  One event out the window and the movie ordeal went just as fast, because the money that I put aside for that also went to the Laundromat to dry the clothes. 

While, I lugged 4 loads to the Laundromat, I said guess I will go to the market while the clothes dry and get the odds and ends that I need to cook dinner for the upcoming weeks.  Now this is where it gets interesting. 
My kiddos and I head to the market; I had my cart all ready to go.  Had my good-good list and they had many sales going on so I was happy!  I said” oh let me not forget my eggplant so I can make eggplant Parmesan” I got the sauce, I grabbed, the cheese.  We enter the produce area and there it was the eggplant.  I’m hype now because, at least I can eat something that I want since I can’t venture out like I planned to.  I was focused, I grabbed 2 and asked my son to give me one of those plastic bags so that I can bag them and put them on the cart.  He gave me the bag, and I was on my way.  Yes!!! I’m now chanting “I’m gonna make me some eggplant gonna have me some eggplant!”  (Yes…I do these things and my kiddos just look at me crazy) bit HEY I was trying to perk myself up because I was feeling a bit low from the turn of events. 

We needed to adjust the cart so somewhere in here this is where I lost the eggplant!  Yes lost! 
We adjusted the cart, grabbed the rest of the items on the list, and headed to the register.  Ahhhhh, the young-lady rang up our items, and off we go back home to unload them before going back to the Laundromat to get the clothes.  OK, unloaded the food, and in seconds I’m on my way back to get the clothes and get back home, because , my mind is all on the eggplant that I can’t wait to have!  Bagged the clothes up and walked back home.

After that, I just plopped down on the couch to catch my breath.  Looked at the clock, ok now its 7pm, gotta cook and hereeeeee we go!

Me: Bell (what I call my daughter) where did you put the eggplant
Bell: Mom you didn’t get it.
Me: Ummmm yeah I did, I bagged it up.
Me: We stood there having an entire convo about why I was making it etc.
Bell: Oh I know that mom, but-wait I’m telling you that you didn’t get it!
Bell: The girl never rang it up
Me: How is that?? It was in the cart
Bell: No mom…look at the receipt.
Me: Scanning receipt
Bell: See told you it’s not on there!
Me: Ugghhhh “This is stupid” (One of my fav sayings these days)
Me: Well I have no idea where….!  When I adjusted the cart, I left the eggplant in the hoagie area! GRRRRRRRRRR!
Me: Well dang, no event, no movie and no freaking eggplant!
Me: Well…There is a bright side to all of this!
Bell: What’s that mom?
Me: We have clean and dry clothes….
Me: But I sooo really wanted to have that yummy eggplant which is in the dang it hoagie aisle. However, I take the good with the bad and still I smile!
Me: Breakout the hoagies, I’m hungry! J

Have you ever had a day like this where everything that could go wrong did but you found the bright side and pressed on!?? I would love to hear about it! 

Have a great week guys! #ShineOn

 Ms. Positivity

Monday, November 11, 2013

I AM.....

Good Monday morning Shiners and Shinettes!  I hope that everyone has had a great weekend….It’s time to get our week started on a positive note.

You are probably wondering what the title of the post is about…well let me tell you!

Many times, we may feel one way about ourselves and that way is not the real us. We tend to absorb the negative thoughts and words from others and for some reason we let them stick.  However, what about how we think of ourselves?  Are we not strong enough?  Well, I am here to tell you….Oh yes we are strong enough to push back.  Yes-Life does throw us many curve balls and sometimes, one negative word can break us down making it simply impossible to overcome.  Well today, that ends….just because that seed was planted does NOT mean it has to stay in that pot!

I want you to repeat after me…

I AM…..

Amazing <---
Smart <---
Kind <---
Helpful <---
Awesome <---
Caring <---
Loving <---
Strong <---
Creative <---
Beautiful <---
Handsome <---
Encouraging <---
Inspiring <---
Motivating <---
Unique <---
Artistic <---
I am Me….

I am the best ME that the world could and should ever get to know.
It is only up to us to uplift our spirits….I understand that some days may be harder that others, but we are all stronger that we could ever imagine.  So, no more words to break ourselves down.

 Are there any other words that you would like to add to the list?  If so then post them in the comments.
#SpiritsUp and #ShineOn   Here is to a grand week you awesome Shiners & Shinettes!

 Ms. Positivity

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Houses and Towns that Built Me, Part 1

Historic Main Street
Hi there, friends! I want the Positively Shining family to get to know me better, as I mentioned in last week's blog, so I thought I'd take some time and tell you about where I grew up. I was born and raised in a small town in Northern Utah called Brigham City. Like the majority of cities in Utah, Brigham is a predominantly Mormon community.  Like most towns, it has grown a lot through the years.  There used to be a lot of fields, and cherry, apple, and peach orchards (for those not familiar with northern Utah, besides great snow, we are known for our fabulous peaches) where there are now big houses, apartment complexes, and strip malls.  When I was little, there were quite a few family restaurants and only one or two fast-food places.  Now there are only one or two family restaurants and southern Main Street is "fast-food row." We usually had to drive south to Ogden if there was something special or specific we wanted to shop for or if we wanted to go to a mall and it is still that way to some extent.  Living in a small town has its inconveniences, but it definitely has its up side too. The pros and cons are all a matter of perspective, I guess; one man's pro is another's con and visa versa, but, for the most part, I feel very blessed to have grown up in a small town. The cons of a small Mormon community are that some of the people can be a bit behind the times and narrow minded, live in a bit of a bubble, and in a small town, people tend to snoop and be in everybody's business. The pros are the emphasis on and the importance of family, the strong sense of community, and neighbors look out for and care for one another. There is also something appealing about the quiet of a small town; no rush-hour traffic to speak of and not so much hustle and bustle.  Another thing I love about Brigham is that it really is a beautiful town in a fantastic location. We have rural communities just to the north and south, vast farmland and wetlands to the west, and absolutely gorgeous and awe-inspiring mountains to the east…Seriously, our mountains are a thing of wonder. Growing up, they are something I just kind of took for granted. When I was still junior high age, I remember picking my cousin up from the Airport in Salt Lake City when he came for a visit (he's from Alabama) and the whole 70+ mile car ride home, he sat practically sideways in the passenger seat, just staring at the mountains and every once in a while exhaling the occasional, "Dang!" or "Wow!"…We also have an abundance of trees, which, for me, just adds to the appeal, especially in the fall when the leaves are changing. We usually get snow in the mountains in the fall and all those trees with their changing leaves with the snow-capped mountains as a backdrop, really is a site to behold. Not to mention how the mountains look when winter hits and there's an abundance of snow!... The portion of Main Street in the center of town is historic with all its old buildings, very quaint and picturesque.  I used to think I wanted to live in a big city where I would have quick and easy access to whatever I might want or need, but now I appreciate my small town.  It, after all, helped "build" me into the person I am today.  I also have some strong country ties, but I will talk about those in part 2 of this blog post...stay tuned!...

The Old Courthouse and Chamber of Commerce

Pioneer Park in the Fall

Awesome Mountain with the B
for Box Elder High (go Bees!)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Spirits Up-Give Back to Yourself!

Hey-Hey, good morning Shiners & Shinettes!

It is Monday, a new day, and an open door to be awesome all week long!

This Monday’s post is short and sweet…well at least I think so!

Today’s post is about giving back to yourself, being the best you that YOU can be.  Do not dull your shine by trying to be like another, each of you are a Rock Star all of your own. 

So many times, I see that many will say, “Oh I can’t stand them” or “how is it that they have this or that” When we have these thoughts, we take so much away from ourselves.  Being in competition dulls us, and we may never be able to get that shine back; because it is hard once, that habit has started.  

Give yourself back your shine; give yourself back your blessings!  Do not allow yourself to be robbed of what is rightfully yours.  We have to dig deep and be happy with whom we are and what we look like.  Be happy with what WE have. 

It is time to give back to ourselves.  It is time to give ourselves a chance to really live and not through others.  Give Back! Make a deposit today, deposit positivity back into your life.

Its Monday…Be awesome!  Make that positive deposit today!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Intruder Alert

Hey, Shiners and Shinettes…I have a bit of a funny story to tell you guys.  Even though, I know that I am positive, I feel that we are able to let loose and live as well.  Well here goes!


LOL what am I talking about????  Squirrels!!!  These things are a bit out of control.  Lately, when I make my morning trip downstairs to my living room to get my day started I begin to hear a chewing sound that I cannot quite place where it was coming from.  My first thought was, ohhhh I pray that it is not mice trying to get in my house!  I stand very quiet for a bit and then I realize that the chewing is coming from above my front door.  I grab a chair, stand on it, and bang on the top of my door so that whatever it is goes away. 
At this time, I say to myself “I’m NOT opening that door so whatever is out there can get me” Not going to happen today.  I head over to my couch and the chewing starts again.  Well, at this point I am ignoring it so I proceed with my day.

As I sit on my couch, I hear another noise.  What in the world is trying to get into my trashcans on my little patio?  I peep out the window and what do I see not ONE but TWO squirrels trying to get INTO the trashcans that have lids on them!  What???  These things are working in teams….So I chase them off, however, this is not a game to them because they BOTH are back!  Ughhhh all I want to do is relax before the kids wake up and get moving for school.  This is MY time and I am NOT to be disturbed!  I shoo them away again, but less than a minute they twins are back but now just staring at me like (come on lady just lift the lid and there will be no trouble) did they just try to punk me!?  I would say so. 

I go back to my couch and I decided to peek out the front door to see if I saw what was trying to get in. (Brave be Braveeeeee) (Heart Pounding) I opened the door, and what do I see a squirrel!!!!  Grrrrr alright, at this point I am NOT a happy camper.  This thing is just chilling on my front landing as if he was waiting for me to open the door.  I shoo him away and what do I see him do….He jumps and goes into a crawl space above my door!  What do I hear…..chewing!  OHHHHHH wait a dang gone minute!  Soooo you’re telling me that you're trying to break in like the little homies in the back!  I CAN’T!!  I get back on my chair and bang on that wall again!  Guess what??  He stops chewing and comes out BACK ON MY LANDING as if he was answering me when I banged!

Now let’s back track….I have 2 of these RATCHET things in the back on my patio, and one on my landing who is trying to break in through MY WALL!  MANNNNN as you guys can see I have an intruder and I’m surrounded by THREE very persistent squirrels that are hell bent on getting into my trash and house!  Shoot, they called backup…I NEED BACKUPPPPP!  They will not go quietly and I am not backing down! 

These things think they gonna punk me….well maybe just a little!

To Be Continued.....

Ms. Positivity

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lived My Passion and WON a Prize!!!!


Hey there Shiners and Shinettes….I pray all is well with every one!

April 27th, 2013 I was given the grand opportunity to Live My Passion at the wonderful Chasing Joy Brunch & Learn event.  I was asked months back if I would be a guest speaker at her event and with my spirits up and an excited heart I said “YES!”  Now, with great opportunities comes preparation, so that is what I did.  I created a PowerPoint Presentation that I never imagined that would touch the many attendees of the event.  As I stood and presented…I WAS LIVING MY PASSION!  Did you hear me?  I Lived My Passion!  As many of you know, I love to motivate others to be their best, love themselves, be kind, grateful, thankful, humble, and understand that you matter.  Below are some points from the Presentation.

To start living your passion here is what one must do:

ž Get up and get moving….
ž Think Positive….
ž Be CERTAIN of who YOU ARE!!!
ž Throw your passion out there for the world and let it make ripples!
ž Do NOT self defeat!!
ž Get Busy Living
ž STEP into your Passion
ž Get into YOUR zone of your Passion
ž Know your LIMITS
ž You have a great opportunity to bloom your passion into reality!!
ž Come ready to work, create, or motivate!!
ž Be patient, don’t rush it….
ž Smile because you’re about to change the world for the better.

We all had great conversation, food, and prizes.  Everyone received gift bags that included wristbands, key chains, and buttons.  Several bags had special bands that allowed the winners of a certain wristband color to win free services from me, such as, a free vision statement, and free motivational coaching session.  The event had many sponsors and the sponsors gave away gifts and services as well.  We had several raffles that were major fun because many attendees like myself stated that they never win anything.  Well guess what!?  I won the beautiful prize from "AHappySlappyGreeting"”.   Click the link to see her great and joyful work! 

This young and beautiful Dynamo has a major latent for making beautiful greeting cards.  Check out my prize (Picture at the top of the blog post) and other great pictures from the awesome event in the slide show!

Do you have a passion?? If so what is it!? I would love to hear all about it!  #ShineOn

Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Vision of Ourselves.....

Hey there Shiners and Shinettes….I am so excited to be writing this post because it excites my life about how we look at ourselves these days.  As we all know I am all about being positive and this post is just like the rest just with a little twist.
Take a look at the clip its very important to the post!

I have a question for you, if I asked you to describe yourself I wonder if you would be to brutally honest with how you describe yourself?  I wonder about all of the little things that you would speak about in detail that you feel that describes how you look.

To many times, we spend so much time; picking ourselves apart that we totally forget that we are all actually beautifully made.  We pick ourselves apart to the point that we no longer look at ourselves as being beautiful.  It actually, gets so bad that, when someone gives us a compliment, that we have no idea how to accept it for what was just said to us. 

My question is why are we so hard on ourselves that we have no longer become comfortable in our own skin, or in how we look?  Why do we try so hard to look like another instead of being the beautiful person that we are?  Why is it so hard for us to believe that someone actually sees the beauty that WE don’t see-but should see on a daily basis??   We will find a flaw within ourselves so fast it will make your head spin. 

Darlings, its time!  It’s time to be comfortable in the skin that you’re in and stop picking ourselves apart.  It’s time to see yourself as the beautiful being that you are.  It’s time to stop being so hard on how you look.  It’s time to stop picking at your weight, your hair, eyes, legs, hands, and anything else that you can think of that you would just love to point out that YOU feel that makes you unattractive.  The fact is that IT’S NOT TRUE! WE have done this, we have allowed this from others, and TODAY it stops. 

If you are bold enough, stand in the mirror and just take a look at you!  Take a long look at yourself and love YOU to the fullest.   At one point in my life I did just what I want you darlings to stop doing.  I allowed someone to make me feel that I was not beautiful, when actually I have always been.  It wasn’t until I left that particular situation that I found my inner and outer beauty once again.   The things is…it never left…I just thought it did! 

Pssssttttt….Can I tell you something??  YOUR BEAUTY NEVER LEFT!  IT’S LOOKING BACK AT YOU ON A DAILY BASIS!  So with these words, I say, GET COMFY….PUT YOUR BEAUTY ON!
Ms. Positivity

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Don't Be There Sponge....


  Hey, Hey Shiners & Shinettes….I pray that everyone is well!

When it comes to sponges, I love them when I first get them because they are all fresh and clean, I even get some with fancy designs as well.  However, after a few uses they are so gross and have to be discarded.  Sponges carry so many germs and if one keeps using them, they will just continue to spread the nasty germs.  Now how does this pertain to being positive? 

Alright, here goes….I know that we all know someone who chooses to inflict his or her negativity on us; it may even be a family member (germs).  Here is the deal Shiners & Shinettes, YOU do not have to be there sponge and absorb their germs of negativity that they want to impose on you.  If you happen to be that sponge, they slowly begin to poison your positive surface and their negativity will start to seep deeper under the surface.  When this begins to happen, it starts to change us and not for the better.  You can refuse to be a part of their negativity.  YOU are strong enough not to let it happen; YOU are strong enough to not let it affect you.  YOU do not have to be there dirty little sponge.  Keep your positivity shield on and keep those negativity germs at bay. 

Your past is the past; however, those negativity germs will keep trying to get you to absorbing them.  A mistake that happened years ago, is finished, those negativity germs will keep trying to get you to reabsorb that as well.  ****WE have been forgiven****, and WE shall NOT allow ourselves to reabsorb the negativity germs that are trying desperately spread through our minds, bodies, and spirits!  WE WILL NOT BE THERE NEGATIVE GERMY SPONGE! We will continue to Positively Shine Bright!

Ms. Positivity

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Be CERTAIN of who YOU are....


Hey Hey Shiners and Shinettes….I pray all is well with everyone.  I am just going to jump right in because this post is very important.

As the days of this year go by, I have come to realize who I am.  I know the basics, my name, age, height, weight, and where I came from.  However, what I mean by I know who I am is, I am certain who I am.  I am certain that I am Melissa, smart, caring, motivating, inspiring, motherly, compassionate and much more.  Many times, I feel that we know the basics, but deep down we are having an identity crisis.  What I mean by identity crisis is that, we forget to see ourselves as unique.  We start seeing ourselves through the eyes of others but not through our own beautiful eyes.  On top of that, we begin to place limiting boxing all around us as if we have forgotten who we are.

Well I am here to make things very clear….BE CERTAIN of who YOU ARE!!! Do not sit and allow another to provide you with negative thoughts of who you are when you already know WHO YOU ARE.  Many times, one will make you forget who YOU are because they do not want you to rise above and be great.  This is when the identity crisis begins to take root.  It is time to get the gardening tools and cut off all of the negative roots.  See Shiners and Shinettes, it all comes down YOUR mindset and not the mind of another. 

In the Lords eyes, we are wonderfully made, so why do we start looking at ourselves as junk and with uncertainty?  WE have to be certain who we are.  We have to seal up all of the cracks that may allow negativity to slip in and wreak havoc over how we look at ourselves or what we can do or not do.  We are WORLD changers, so “WE” should Speak it-Claim it- and EXPECT it!!! 

So I am asking from this day forth, no longer have an identity crisis, do not compare yourself through worldly standards.  Renew your mind, and stop allowing the enemy to keep making you uncertain, because you know JUST WHO YOU ARE!

Ms. Positivity

Friday, February 8, 2013

You Can’t….OH YES YOU CAN!


Hey there Shiners and Shinettes, I am so glad to be here with you once again!

Many times, we speak these hindering words of “I CAN’T”.  These words are so hindering to our lives that I wish that it would just disappear.  I have murmured this statement so many times in my life that I could have a small fortune if I were saving up.  How many of you can admit that?  Well one day I sat back and said; why am I so afraid to do something?  Is it because I want validation from others or when I run an idea past another, I would not get the response that I desired.  As I said, I ONCE lived that afraid-life full of “I Can’t”.  Hey, as the saying goes…I’ve been there done that…but NOT ANYMORE!!

Well darlings I am here to let you know that it is time…it is time for YOU to let go of “I can’t”.  I understand that there are some things that we are not able to do at that moment, and maybe we have to plan better so that we CAN accomplish some things, however, to say we CAN’T leads to I Haven’t and then giving up.  Can we afford to give up on ourselves? Uhhhh NO!

 We have invested so much into ourselves and many times, we just don’t follow through.  Is that what we stand for?  I am sure that is NOT what we stand for.  I know that we have dreams, and plans.  I know that WE are not weak and WE CAN do anything that WE put our minds to do.
I went from I Can’t, to I CAN, and I did.  WE can do anything as long as we do not hinder ourselves with self-doubt.  If we focus on US and not trying to obtain approval to see what another will say we will be able to achieve so much more.

I know that YOU can get that job.
I know that YOU can get your degree.
I know that YOU can be a homeowner.

How do I know?? I know because I could and I did just that!  I stopped thinking negative and planned better.  I wrote things down, made small goals, which turned into big goals, the big goals turned into accomplishments.  All you have to do is STOP saying or thinking that YOU can’t and then YOU will see what YOU CAN do!  Whatever it is in your life that YOU are speaking “I CAN’T over…STOP!! Step back-take a deep breath- nod, and state OH YES I CAN!

I have no doubt that YOU CAN…I am proud of you already!

Until next time…keep Positively Shining!!!

Ms. Positivity

Friday, February 1, 2013

Because of YOU!!!

Well Hello There Shiners and Shinettes….

It has been a while since my last blog post and there is a reason for that, so here goes.

My last post was in December of 2012, and from that day, I have been a busy-busy woman, but at the same time, I honestly had felt that I lost my spark to blog. Yes, I know Ms. Positivity felt that she had lost her spark!!! GASPS how dare I…Well, I am here to say that I have not lost my spark…in fact I think it was just turned down a bit so that I could pursue other things to make Positively Shining that much better and it is!

See, for many that do know me, Positively Shining was just a blog, but over the past year, with YOUR support, YOU gave me the notion to make this bigger that I could ever imagine. When I would blog, it would be about positive things and how NOT to let them get to us and drag us down…. Well how about I still do that but NOW the passion is back. Let me explain.

When I set my heart to do something, I attack it with all of my heart. I had a out of the blue conversation with a good friend (Sammy) that I have only met over the internet and his spirit is much like my own. He stated “Hi Melissa! This page is not growing. I'd like to see it grow so I need you to post some stuff (with pictures though. I find people tend to ignore posts without pics on my page anyhow), which I can share on my page. ;) xoxox ♥”

See just with this message we chatted a bit and I followed his direction as to how to grow my page. I am very passionate with what I do so I prayed and went at it! As I followed his direction, I started seeing more and more people LIKING Positively Shining on Facebook!

Now do not get me wrong I do not blog to get more likes on my page, but to let YOU all know that it’s because of your LIKES on my Facebook page that has given me back my SPARK TO BLOG! Just this week alone I think about 30+ Shiners and Shinettes have LIKED the page because of its message. It’s because of YOU that I am excited about blogging again. It’s because of YOU that I prepare myself each day to motivate, inspire, encourage and empower. It is because of YOU that I am sitting here so excited to write and post this blog piece. See guys…YOU are awesome and YOU keep me going with Positively Shining!! YOU never let me down and I have to return the favor and NOT let you down….


I Love You are and again...Thank You for Turning my SPARK back up! 

Ms. Positivity