About Me....Ms. Positivity

Ms. Positivity is a young woman of 2 children that has come a long way in life. Tired of feeling down and out and negative about so many things because of life's trials I decided to change that. I have been through so much, many could not imagine. I plan to tell you all about me...I'm not ready yet but as I grow with you guys and keep you motivated you will learn so much about me. See I had to learn that life is funny not always negative. At a point in this thing we call life I forgot about who I am but NO MORE!!!! So I set out to show how to change the game!! To live....I encourage, praise, console, love, laugh(ohhh I laugh) to show just how positive life can be.....& first/last to share and shine my Positivity over others. Hey Nice to meet ya....stay awhile I have some stories to share!



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