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Ms. Positivity is a young woman of 2 children that has come a long way in life. Tired of feeling down and out and negative about so many things because of life's trials I decided to change that. I have been through so much, many could not imagine. I plan to tell you all about me...I'm not ready yet but as I grow with you guys and keep you motivated you will learn so much about me. See I had to learn that life is funny not always negative. At a point in this thing we call life I forgot about who I am but NO MORE!!!! So I set out to show how to change the game!! To live....I encourage, praise, console, love, laugh(ohhh I laugh) to show just how positive life can be.....& first/last to share and shine my Positivity over others. Hey Nice to meet ya....stay awhile I have some stories to share!



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Unknown said...

The circle goes something like this: what we say we think about, what we think about is what we focus on.

Henner Diekmann

Henner Diekmann

So if we focus on negative as the subject ("Negativity does not bother me" focuses on the negative and has negativity in the subject), that is what we will be getting, even if our intention was the exact opposite.