Sunday, April 29, 2012


      Hello Once again Shiners and Shinettes!

      Oh this post is on a mission….I “GOT A NEW ATTITUDE!!!”
Let me explain what I mean….My wires got crossed!  I am positive as can be but you know what?  I realized that I am sometimes negative towards myself.  Hey, I never said I was perfect and sure enough I so practice what I preach!  I think that we all go through this at times.  Well I had to catch myself, and lately some things have been hitting me like a brick.  I have been going through some trials, work issues, weight issues, confidence issues, compliment acceptance…darlings I feel like I am going out of my mind.  I have actually stared at myself in the mirror and said “Melissa WTH is wrong with you get it together.” 

 It is funny that my mom called me one day, we started talking, and to be honest we learned from each other.  I began speaking to her about my job issue, and then she said something…”it will happen when God wants it to happen” Ah Ha!  That was it!  I wanted this job issue to happen on my time.  Granted they gave a deadline and I am expecting them to hold good to it.  I became frustrated and even angry to be honest.  I like many do not like to be toyed with and I am trying to live my life and take care of my family.  However, I forgot about what I am supposed to do.  I am supposed to let God do his work and be patient.  Now it gets deeper, as we continue to talk she is telling me her story.  As she finished, I said well mom did you talk to God about it.  She admitted, no for some reason I wanted it done when I wanted it done.  Ha, how about we just learned the same lesson but different situations. 

See darlings we can only do but so much before, we realize that, we are not in control here at all.  We may get down on ourselves about so many things but as long as we seek the lord, the answers will be provided.  Therefore, you know this is why I “GOT A NEW ATTITUDE!”  I will no longer forget to seek him when I need him, (he already knows), I will no longer try to make things happen on MY time, I will no longer lack confidence because that is not me I am confident, I will no longer talk negative about my weight.  I got a new attitude yall!  It is so easy to forget the major things in life when the things that really do not matter bog us down!  What matters is to seek the most positive being I know.  At the end of the day we all should get a new attitude and remain positive about any and everything.  Forgetting nothing and remembering that it is ok to obtain “A NEW ATTITUDE!” So from here on out I will continue to do everything that I have been doing beside trying to do things on my time….

So What are you going to get a new attitude about?? Let do this together!

P.S. Thanks mom for the talk!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Too Much Work….NOT Enough Play

                         Too Much Work….NOT Enough Play


Oh, goodness I know it has been a while since my last post, but to be honest, I have had three titles and forgot them all.  Well not this time.  I usually try my hardest to remember a title but dang-nab-it I forgot…..moving along!  LOL

Many of us work, work, and work.  Many of us have forgotten how to be carefree and do what we used to do…”HAVE FUN”  We have to be here, here, and there for this one that one and whoever else.  We are always in demand….but when do we play?  Sheesh to be a kid again….I am sitting here blogging listening to the kids play, shout, laugh and just be kids.  Ahhhhh to be a kid again!  Well you know what-this is one weekend that I do not feel well,but guess who is going to have fun?????  ME That’s WHO! 

I mean really, I so wish that you could hear and see them.  They are all laughing, telling harmless jokes, chasing each other, playing tag, running in and out of the house (yeah that part drives me nuts) but they are having so much fun.  Do you remember being that care free when you were a child??  I know I do!!!  I remember being just like them….being the popular kids, somebody always asking for my brothers and I to come out and play.  It would be non-stop….I would love to get those times back. 

  I know we have to work but hey why can’t we have a day when we say bunk the domestics (unless they are seriously out of control LOL) and do what you want.  Go shopping, buy something nice, buy your favorite dish, do something that you haven’t done in a long time…me…I’m going to jump me some double-dutch, get me a funnel cake (yeah so fattening) and I am not going to do a drop of homework until Sunday afternoon! 

 That’s right I’m doing me…which is having FUN!  I am going to paint my nails, toes, let my daughter play in my hair, sit on the step and listen to the laughter of the kids!  That is fun! 

So Shiners & Shinettes…what will you do to claim some fun back in your life!!! Start today Start NOW!