Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Letter to Love.....

Dear Love,

For many days and nights you have ignored me-left me in the cold.  You have taught me some really harsh lessons that have left me hurt while trotting off and supplying your love to another.

Why have you left me? What did I do to deserve such treatment? Constantly leaving me lonely, cold-minded,and confused-oh and lets not forget enraged, because I saw you with others. It seems that it was so easy for you to make others happy.  What was it about me that you did not like?  What about me Love?  Was I not worthy enough for your love?  I wanted to endure your love but each time you snatched it away like it was a sick game that only "YOU" were playing. I wanted what they had-what you were providing them.

See Love, when I was with him why didn't you teach him how to use your love, no all I was shown was pain-so with that you left me once again lost, alone, and the feeling of dying.

You are a major trickster that likes to play tricks with the mind.  I swore I saw you but I guess I was mistaken once again, because when I approached you it wasn't you at all.  It was lies, deceit, hurt, broken bones, and much pain.  Enraged, I cursed your name because I still saw you with others.  As I cried, I thought was I not worthy enough to even get the smallest piece of your love.  Am I not doing what you asked? Wait Love will find you many said; what did you want from me-I just wanted your love.

That's it I am now ignoring you-I will not look for you, speak of you, say your name.  Love, even though this is going to hurt me as much as it hurts you "You are nothing to me".  You left me gasping for air to fill my lungs.  I knew you were laughing at me because I was broken but I will have the last laugh.  I shall pay you no mind, I will go my own way.  I have no desire for you because you don't want me.  I have learned my lesson.  I give up-fine be that way, you don't have to worry about me even looking your way.

I will not call or text, I will not Facebook, or Twitter to see who you were with next.  I have been sloughed off to the side long enough, its OK one thing is that you made me tough.  No more tears and sadness, I have no desire to partake in any more of you mental madness, your games, trust me I have been through enough pain.  So I leave you with this I have learned a valuable lesson and even in my rant I love you for showing me what many can't.  Today is a new day and you have been here a while.  To my Love, thank you for making your love worth while.


Soon to be Mrs. Love


Nora B. Peevy said...

Over from the Flashback hop.

Powerful emotion here.


KEAZY said...

Wow! Visiting from Flashback Friday on Chasing Joy! I really felt every word in this post. Wow, I mean wow! Emotional

Ms. Positivity said...

Hey Nora...thank you for stopping by sweetie! Yes love is very fickle and I like many others have been heartbroken, but fidnt see the lesson I was being taught! Love has always loved me....just not for or with that particular person. Today I admit I am inlove and will be married in Sept of next year! And my last name will be Love!

Hope to see you again! Shine On!

Ms. Positivity said...

Hey there Keazy! Goid to see you again! Yes, how its described us how I once felt. Just wanted what others had, they looked so happy. But I was missing a valuable lesson, everything isnt for everyone and I needed to be patient! I finally got the loved Ive been waiting for!

Hope to see you soon!

Chasing Joy said...

I like this a lot. I can relate and have had (sometimes still have) very similar feelings.

Love is something that you can't make happen no matter how hard you try.

Soon to be Mrs... Does this mean what I think???