Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moments of you----Celebrate

Moments of You-Celebrate
“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life.  Be happy now.  Do not wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future.  Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it is at work or with your family.  Every minute should be enjoyed and savoured.”
                             Earl Nightingale

Not every moment we celebrate ourselves.  Why do we only celebrate ourselves when there is a birthday, wedding, or even a funeral/death?  We should celebrate our beings each and every day of our lives.  I know that there has to be moments in our lives that we want to celebrate.  These moments do not have to warrant a huge shebang but it is time to give ourselves more credit than we do.
With so much going on in this crazy mixed up world, we should celebrate that we are not a part of the madness.  I clearly understand that many parts of the world are in chaos but that does not mean that we do not have the right to celebrate ourselves during this time.  We work hard and just as hard as many others out here in this world.  Should we not celebrate that because to a few bosses they are trying to figure out ways to get rid of a particular employee because they are dead weight; you should celebrate because that person is not you because you show astounding work ethic and do not slack in times of need on the job.  With so many senseless crimes happening, let us celebrate that we are not involved in those acts of life.  With so many killings happening day after day, let us celebrate that we did not have a hand in taking that life.  With so many children being hurt, let us celebrate that we love and cherish our children and that they do not endure that harsh lifestyle. 
Why are we not celebrating our small accomplishments?  We complained less than usual, we are motivated to the fullest rather than being lazy and procrastinating on a project, we are focused more on the important things, and not letting them slip through the cracks, we are more affectionate to one another (children/family), and caring more for the ones who are in need of our help.  We should celebrate us-because we do not fall in the likes of being cruel, hateful, crime driven and much, much more.  This here is to shine some positive light on the people in this world who are acting accordingly towards life.  Many times hey mainly all of the time we get looked over because of all of the negative that is raining down upon us-So how about taking a moment and celebrate YOU.  I think that you deserve it and you should as well.
Shine On!!
Ms. Positivity


Counselor Musings said...

visiting from comment hour. Great post and I love the quote at the beginning!

Mama Spaghetti said...

What a great reminder! I think most of us need to celebrate ourselves more often.

Ms. Positivity said...

Thanks you so very much CM! I have found tons of positive quotes that I can use when I blog and this one just fit the purpose!


Ms. Positivity said...

Thank you Mama....So many of us forget to apply this and then they feel that it is the worst thing in life. I wish more would apply this so their inner karma will be intact!

Thank you for commenting hunni!

Sarah said...

This is the blog to visit when you need that little boost or push out of a nasty funk. Everything you said is true and a great reminder to stay positive!
Sarah @ made in usa challenge

Ms. Positivity said...

Hey Sarah! Im so glad that you feel that way! That's the soul purpose here.....to keep as many people positive as possible and to live life happy! Thank you for your comment sweetie!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Hi Love! I am following the link up from Flashback Friday at Chasing Joy. I am so glad I found this post this morning, beloved SHINE hostess! I feel happier just reading and yes, today I will celebrate ME!

I chose my flashback post because it took place almost exactly two years ago... and it reminds me of a dear time with my Mom and that I need to remember to treasure (and celebrate!) these times!

Love, love, love!

Susan Silver said...

Thank you for all your positive energy. I love stopping by the blog and seeing all the encouragement. If you stop by my blog today you will see a gift I have for you. Scroll down to the heading Thankful Thursday and you should see it.


Coming from Flashback Friday :D

Keep Shining Sister.

Ms. Positivity said...

Ahhhh there she is! Hey Julie! Its always a pleasure seeing you here! You guys make me want to cry with happy ters because of your expression of how I and my posts are touching your hearts and minds, and giving reminders. I love that....my pourpose is blossoming!

Ms. Positivity said...

Hey there Susan! Im so glad to see you here today! You may not know but I am a pure sap...and my eyes are welling up with tears...thank you so much for that on your blog...Gosh I really never knew that I am touching so many ppl in life...I love all my shiners...glad your one of them!

Elizabeth said...

I am celebrating my new iphone 4s

Anonymous said...

I love your positive spin on things. I think we need to celebrate something on a daily basis. ;)

Ms. Positivity said...

Hey Liz....LOL well you just celebrate away hunni! LOL too cute!

Alison said...

Indeed! I'm all about celebrating the little positives each day brings. Never despise the day of small beginnings; they lead to the celebrations of bigger and bigger positives!

Keep shining, girlie!