Saturday, September 3, 2011

You should Change!-No wait-I WILL....

You should change!!!

How many times have we told some one that they should change their actions, moods, attitudes, or any negative attribute of their being?  How many times do we want a person to change the way they are acting or do particular things and with ease we are easily annoyed to the core.  We may want to tell them about themselves or demand that if they do not change their ways we will do some drastic act in the likes of not speaking to them, or even begin to reevaluate our friendship or dealings with such a person.

Well Shiners I am actually here to give you a bit of news that you may not want to hear-YES they may need to change but so do we.

Now wait before you get defensive let me explain.  I have noticed on more that a few occasions that we let their foolish, ignorant, and careless actions get the better of us and now due to these shenanigans we are pissed off to all ends.  I say instead of losing our cool WE will change how WE react, because if you think about it their the ones who demonstrate these actions daily or on a frequent basis and what do we do EXPLODE! Well no more~we will not let the actions of others knock us off our square.

Here are the rules:

*Their is to be NO reaction.  All raw emotion must go.  This is what makes us go nuts from their actions.  NO emotion towards it surfaces no reaction.

*Expect them to continue to be this way, if we do this their will be no surprises.  If we are not surprised their will be no reaction.

*NO Questions-questioning about the antics they display will only dig up emotions and reactions, so no questions no reactions.  Got it?!! I hope so!!! :)

*Lastly tune them out-Now this I know is easier said than done, but of we do our best to tune them out then their is no emotions, no questions, no reaction.

So Shiners if we follow the rules then we are the ones who change.

So I will end with this: "Remember that nothing can break you~give it no power! And with no power it has no ability to break your positivity" Ms. Positivity

And that is how we change....Shine On Shiners!


T Byrd said...

too true! you cont control others but you can control how you react to others!

Ms. Positivity said...

This is why I had to post this...its them but many times its us and how we react to their foolishness and all it does is break us down and piss us off and they have no idea that we are angry. Nope its time to stop the madness and save ourselves.

Lisa said...

Yes, great reminder! Thanks for sharing so we won't get so frustrated next time in a particular situation.

Ms. Positivity said...

Yes chica if we already know or know how they act its no point in reacting let it become redundant do we have no care about it!

J said...

It's a lot like the effect of the Speaker-Listener technique in conflict resolution...

Ms. Positivity said...

It sure does. I took that course I learned so much. I apply it daily! I appreciate your comment hunni.

FaLanYa said...

You right. You right. lol

You cannot control what others are gonna do and say. The only thing we have control over is what we do or how we react. It really shows a strength of character on our part when we don't come unglued in response to every little offense, real or perceived, that we might receive at anothers hand.
Good post!

Ms. Positivity said...

Hey Falanya sweetie! I know thats is nothing we can do about someone acting a fool or besides themselves. All I know is how I am supposed to react and deal with them...we spend so much time trying to change another when in fact we need to stop and check to see if wee need to change how we are reacting to how they normally act.

Oh stop by again! Love seeing ya here! :)

Anonymous said...

This is so right on. I tell my clients this all the time.
We have the power to react or not react. We have the power to change our reactions and behavior.
Stopping by via Flashback Friday from Chasing Joy.

Ms. Positivity said...

hey there Chelle....yessss preach hunni. So many feel that they have no control of their reactions when in reality they re in total control. It was a time when I felt that I wasn't in control of my reactions but then I said why am I getting all huffy for...I am going to just keep being you so now I know how to deal with you.

thanks so much for stopping by hope to see you soon! Keep Shining On!