Saturday, December 31, 2011

Turn Your Light UP....

Hey there Shiners! I hope all is well with each of you and that you are ready for the New Year to ring in!!  This year has been great, and as with everything in life it has had its ups and downs.  Yeah we may not speak about them but trust me we have had buckets full of trials and disbeliefs.


I was wondering Shiners, has dealing with such trials turned your light within down?? If so I say its time to "TURN YOUR LIGHT BACK UP!"  Many times what we think is good for us is not good for us and little by little that positivity that we had starts wearing away.  This can not happen-if we allow this to take hold of us, our inner and outer positive light will be gone forever and we will become negative towards everything that surrounds us.

I being Ms. Positivity can not sit and watch this behavior.  We must strive to keep our light as bright as it can be for this New Year.  How can we do this?? I am going to tell you how!

First and foremost You yourself must have the strongest AMBITION to be positive! (Reference last post on AMBITION)
*Take the negative outlook from your mind. (Start looking for the positive in life)
*Remove yourself from negativity. (Make sure who is on your team is deserving to be on your team)
*Surround yourself with positive people or actions (Removing the negative means add positive)
*Learn to laugh (She knows all about it)
*Learn to Chase Joy (Trust me she knows all about it!)
*Celebrate You (She knows all about it)
*Be Inspired to Thrive in life (She know all about it)
*Embrace your Struggles instead of letting them get the better of you (She knows all about it)
*Make life fun for you again
*Get to know you again (See even I know all about it)

See Shiners their is NO time to let your positive light go dim.  Surround yourself with enough positive fuel to keep you light #ShiningBright all through the New Year!  Treat negativity like a child its a "NO NO" It can't come in, hang out, get any attention, etc.  Negativity is to be pushed to the side like a red headed step child-as the saying goes!!

The only way our light will stay up is if we KEEP it that way,and it is our job to do so!! So for 2012-Lets keep our Positive light #ShiningBright into the midnight hour! Let others be blinded because we refuse to turn it down or let it be put out! If its time for change then this is it!!

Lets Go Shiners! Lets show them how to #ShineOn & #ShineBright


Alison said...

Loving the linky love and the encouragement to do us, even better, in 2012. Shine on!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the mention in your post - it will be a positive 2012 for all of us shiners!

Chasing Joy said...

Very nice post. Thanks for linking to me and all the other blogs. I continue to shine my light within by making sure I can be a source of joy to others. If I am spreading joy I have to have some for me. right? Happy New Year!!!

martywaring said...

Great blog post!!

Miss Dre said...

This is a great post! I love the positive vibes here! I have been working on removing negativity from my life and I can't wait to thoroughly read all the links provided from these amazing ladies as well!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the motivation to let my light shine. It isn't always easy, but worth the effort!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I am especially tired today... been rehearsing up to 7 hours a night and going to sleep about 1 am and getting up at 6... for too many nights in a row it takes it out of a person!

Your Flashback Friday post reminds me... napping is something I owe to myself (and the world!) so that I may continue shining brightly!

DJrelAt7 said...

To 2012 and a brighter shine from within! I'm on board! Let's DO THIS! #GiddyUP!