Sunday, November 25, 2012

Much Needed Call to Mommy


Hey Shiners and Shinettes…Yes it has been a while, but I have been taking a much need break and spending time with the kids.  After school, I vowed to spend so much more time with them and I have been doing just that.  Never the less….I’ve been motivating behind the scenes but I’m ready to get back at motivating the blog world as well if you will have me.

Well let me get to the meat of this post!!  I missed a phone call from my mom yesterday (Saturday night).  I looked at the phone, and decided to put the phone down and relax, before calling her back however; I got a pull that said, “Hey call her back NOW” so I did.  Let me tell you, it amazes me that, even though we are two different people, with our own families, and on many occasions have gone through the same things.  

While speaking with her, my mom asked me did I read my “Daily Bread” I said no not as of yet.  She said well you have to read it.  I located my devotional and began to read.  As I finished, I sat in silence and so did she.  This hit home for her (US).  In our silence, I began to tear up because; I knew what this meant for me. 

See, I have been going in one direction when God was telling me “NO.”  This is what I read….”When God says no to our requests, we can be sure it’s for the best.”  Yes, I have been requesting for a certain thing and I have gotten no response...well technically I have been told “NO”.  Now as I talk to my mom, she says, see I have wanted to sell the house and move to Virginia, but God has been telling me “NO”.  My mom stated, I don’t know why I’m still here, I was supposed to be in VA by now but I’m not.  I read this passage and she said that God is telling me “NO”. 

See in my situation, I am tired of helping (I am grateful for my job….BUT) and motivating behind the scenes and it is time for me to take another step in the right direction.  See guys, the more I have been told “NO” I wasn’t paying attention at all and wanted to do my own thing, and becoming frustrated by the minute, when all this time he (GOD) was telling me “NO” child I have something better for you.  Goodness, ever since I spoke to my mom on Saturday night, I have felt so much better.  Therefore, to my mom who I know is going to read this…(She is a fan) Thanks for picking up the phone!

Many times, we may want to ignore a call or just get back to it on our own time, but sometimes….it’s best to call right back, because you never know what positive message/word will be delivered to help your life!

Seen you soon…and I mean soon (THE BREAK IS OVER)

Ms. Positivity!

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