Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting Back to "ME" Guest Post by Chasing Joy!!

Absolutely Deciding To Get Back To Being Me

Hey Shinners and Joy Chasers.  A couple weeks ago Ms. Positivity asked me to do a guest post on her themed series of getting back to me.  Of course I was honored to be asked but I also like the idea of her series.  I mean after all the entire reason I started writing the blog Chasing Joy is because I needed to get back t o being me.  I had been through the worst experience of my life (find my story on my about me page on and needed to get back to being my normal happy self.

So how did I get back to being me?  How do you get back to being you when you’ve lost yourself to work, school, kids, relationships, disappointment, stress, grief, or whatever?  For starters who are you?  I think we all have to have a few absolutes we know about ourselves.  Once you have decided on these absolutes you they become your guides, your beacons in the darkness, that guide you back to yourself.

Here are some of my absolutes:
I am smart
I am a good person
I am attractive
I have faith
I am a happy person

Things will happen in life that will cause you to question even doubt your absolutes.  But they are absolutes for a reason.  No matter what happens you do not abandon your absolutes.  No matter what anyone says, anyone does, or what happens I refuse to believe anything contrary to the statements above. 

Two years ago my dad died.  I had prayed so hard for healing for him but that was not God’s plan.  I was and still am heartbroken.  Now at that time I could have given up on my faith.  I could have said how can there be a God that would let this happen?  But I didn’t.  Now I was feeling lower than ever in my life and I guess you could say I was angry with God. Regardless of how I was feeling in that moment I decided that I was not going to give up on my faith. 

So that very night I said my prayers.  Now I will admit that my heart was not in it and I kind of just went through the motions.  I think my prayer went something like “God, I don’t know what to say”.  But the point is I was still talking to him and despite all the pain that I was in I still believed.  I had made a decision that part of what it is to be me is to have faith. So no matter what I will have Faith.
The fact of the matter is no matter what happens in life, if you stick to your absolutes, what it means to be you, you will never completely lose yourself.  You will always come back to being you.  You may get of your game sometimes.  Life may get the best of you.  But, even if it takes a while, when you know the absolutes that make you who you are, you will find your way back to being you.
Who are you? What are your absolutes? What are the qualities about yourself that you can fall back to bring you back to being you???

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Chasing Joy said...

Thanks for inviting me to Positively Shine with you.

DJrelAt7 said...

I love this post! We get comfortable with life, we adapt, we change, then BAM, something happens to shake us to the core. It has taken me a long time to embrace and trust my faith, but I am here now. Sometimed the problem then lies in, do you know yourself enough to know and hold onto those absolutes. Some people never take the time to do that. Everyone should pause to make this list, write it down and keep it handy!

Susan Silver said...

You have always impressed me with your dedication to Joy! It inspires everyone you touch :) Thanks for sharing these thoughts with us.

Pepper said...

Chasing Joy You are so awesome I love hearing your story again because you are a constant reminder that we choose to bring joy in our lives no matter what we go through. You are def a positive and uplifting woman!

Nicole Rivera said...

"God I don't even know what to say." What a perfect prayer. I have had my moments where that was the most that could be said, but, with it being said the lines of communication are still open. I've usually said things like, "I don't understand," but I think your words express the feelings I had a little bit better. Thank you for writing this. Although I too have found my way back to me, it is always comforting knowing I am not the only one who could get so lost.