Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I miss you.....Positivity Shines AGAIN!

Hey there Shiners and Shinettes!

I know it has been a while for us to chat and for that I am deeply apologetic.

Granted I have been away with the major new changes at work, new changes in my life (engaged), school (finals) and new changes to come I have missed you guys dearly!  When I say that I am entirely sincere.

Each of you that I know and even if I don't know are like my second family.  You know when you are away for too long you get home sick....and you know what my darlings I am just that home sick!

I have used the word CAN'T so much it hurts.  I can't do this I can't do that! All of these other things drain me to my core but its never a day that goes by that I do not think about you guys!

Sooooooo since I have some time on my hands (finals are over) I wanted to let you wonderful Shiners and Shinettes know that I am back and here to stay!  Each of you are important to me and I can't have you guys feeling as though I don't care or that I went away!

So let's start over, talk through our ups and downs, smile, laugh, and hang in there for we are the meaning of POSITIVITY! I can't help you guys scrub away the negativity and positively shine if I'm not here! Well I am here and we will tackle Negativity to the ground! We will not be bullied into giving up our positivity for negativity away! So Excuse me...I'm Ms. Positivity and We meaning my Shiners & Shinettes will not be broken!  So here is to Positively Shining together!

Positive We Stand!

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