Monday, August 27, 2012

Never too Late to Celebrate

Shiners and Shinettesssss! Hello, Hello, Hello to you all!

Goodness, I know I have been away for a while, but it was good reason. Never the less I AM BACK and I do not plan to go away again.

As you notice the title, I have a few things to celebrate. I was supposed to have blogged when this all went down, but life has been moving so fast….so let me catch you all up as fast as I can. August is almost over and I tell you wonderful peeps that it has been so full of things to celebrate!

Let’s see, the first week of August, my daughter turned 13 years old! Now that is major. She had a great sleep over, equipped with food, friends, laughs, screams, hey ice cream bowls, scary stories, music and tons more.

To be honest, I have missed you all so much in the blogsphere. Keeping my head in the books took so much time away from being able to indulge as I used to before. But enough of that…I’m back and ready to get back to inspiring, motivating, uplifting, laughing and participating with all of you and I know may of you missed that but stuck with me during my journey.

 Next, I finally did it. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Applied Behavior Analysis). I finished everything on August 14th. I am so relieved that-that part of the journey is over as well. Therefore, I’m doing the happy dance because I did not quit. It was tough, but baby let me tell ya it is so worth it!

Lastly, but so not least Positively Shining has turned 1 year old!!! I started out a year ago, with one idea and it turned into something awesome and it will-IS only going to get better. I have the time to dedicate to this full time now and I am elated to express it. If any one knows me, I love to motivate you darlings to the fullest. WELLLLLLL, that’s what you’re going to get to the MAX.

With that said, I am inviting all of you to help me celebrate all of these wonderful things by welcoming Positively Shining back home….because without all of you there is NO ME!

Ms. Positivity

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