Sunday, December 30, 2012



Hey there Darling….Its very good to see you again and I hope all is well.

As the New Year approaches, I know that many are getting ready to make resolutions.  Well not me!! You know what I am going to do…I’m going to have a 30 second dance party celebrating me and all of the obstacles that I cleared in 2012. 

This year has not been bad for me at all.  I am happy and content, I am healthy, my kids are healthy and well, I laugh more, worry wayyyy less and I know that “I ROCK!”

See shiners & Shinettes, many times we look for someone to praise us when actually we should be praising ourselves for the things that we have done and are proud of.  Many times, we get upset that we do not get the praise or response from a person that we were looking for when we have done something major.  To be honest, why get upset…get your 30 second dance party on and celebrate what you have done.  

Many times, we want that validation and when we do not receive that level of validation, it’s forget it and become angry.  Well I am here to tell you darlings once again STOP THAT….AND GET YA 30 SECOND DANCE PARTY ON RIGHT NOW!

Take the time and look over all the good you have done this year.  We know about the negative, we naturally seem to dwell on that, but we are better than that…we ROCK!  Think long and hard, make a list and you shall do the craziest, funniest, most exhilarating dance to celebrate you.

So Shiners and Shinettes….GET YA 30 SECOND DANCE PARTY ON!

Ms. Positivity