Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Shining the Spotlight" Focus on Positivity and Chase Joy.....

                        Hey there once again my wonderful Shiners! 

                          This is week 2 of "Shining the Spotlight" 

This weeks post is from a young lady that goes by the name of Chasing Joy! 
To be honest if it wasn't for her I truly would not be Positively Shining. 
After reading her guest post Skip on over to her blog and Shine the Spotlight their as well!  Thank you Joy for guiding my way! 


                               Focus on Positivity and Chase Joy.....

When Ms. Positivity invited me to do a guest post on Positively Shinning I was honored but also a bit troubled as I had no clue what to write about.  I have never written a post for someone else’s blog.  Although I have been blogging for almost two years I am still just a little afraid every time I hit the publish button.  So this guest post thing is definitely requiring me to make a withdrawal from the courage account. 

But Ms. Positivity is indeed Positively Shinning and a true Joy Chaser.  She is doing some awesome things in her personal life (school, parenting, mentoring, and career) and still making time to encourage us to laugh, smile and Positively Shine.  So of course I would do a guest post for her. 
As I have been thinking about what I could possible write for my gust post I realized that lately I have been reading inspirational text, scripture, and thinking about the topic of  how I could make a difference in others’ lives, maybe even a difference in the world. 

When I started my blog Chasing Joy, my main purpose was to give myself some sort of hobby to take my mind of off the depression I was experiencing.  I was recovering from a lot of loss and grief and needed to focus on something positive.  Of course I knew people made money off of blogs and thought that might be cool too. But I basically just needed a positive outlet.

I figured if I focused on happiness I wouldn’t be able to help but get a little happier.  I was right.  I not only got a little happier I got a lot happier.  I started looking for the positives in almost every situation.  When I felt down I started looking for ways to feel better instead of falling into the self pity pit.  I started trying new things just because I might like them.  I started counting my blessings more often and practicing an attitude of gratitude.  Happier people started being drawn to me. 

Now almost two years later the main purpose of my blog is shifting.  I still use my blog to keep myself focused on positivity, happiness, and Joy.  However know I would like my blog to offer a bit of inspiration to others not just myself.  I would like people to read it and smile, laugh, and take a little Joy away from it.  I’d like my blog to encourage others to look for Joy in their everyday situations.  I’d like my blog to be a source of positivity.  I’d like my blog to add to not just my but others’ quality of life. 

Some people are takers in every situation.  I do not want to be one of those people.  I want to add to situations.  Add happiness. Add calmness.  Add beauty.  Add stability.  Add support. Add Inspiration. Add Positivity.  My blog is just one way I can do that.  I can Positively Shine on everyone who Chases Joy with me by adding humor, adding inspiration, and adding a focus on gratitude. 

Not everyone writes or comes into large numbers of people virtually or in person.  But we can all add to any and every situation we are in.  Don’t be a person who only takes.  How are you adding and Positively Shining in your life?  

To get to know Joy even better check her out on Twitter @Chasing_Joy and on Facebook Chasing Joy and Shining bright with me and all of my Shiners!
Be well, Be blessed and I hope to see you again soon! 


Chasing Joy said...

Ms. Positivity
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to Chase Joy with you and all of your shiners!

Alison said...

Chasing Joy, I love where you said: "I want to add to situations. Add happiness. Add calmness. Add beauty. Add stability. Add support. Add Inspiration. Add Positivity. My blog is just one way I can do that. I can Positively Shine on everyone who Chases Joy with me by adding humor, adding inspiration, and adding a focus on gratitude"

Right there you gave us a perfect view of who you truly are: a giver, a nurturer, a supplier.

Blessed to have read this! I'll definitely be sharing it.

Stay well,


Chasing Joy said...

Alison, Thanks so much for your insight. I do enjoy giving and I am glad that the best parts of my personality are coming across in my writing.

Cindee said...

Yeah what a perfect post. Congrats on guest posting. I hear you I am nervous about posting too. I have changed subject a buzzillion times. Great post positively purrfect

Chasing Joy said...

Thanks so much Cindee! I'm sure yours will be great!!!

Sarah @ Made in USA Challenge said...

Beautiful and inspiring, as always! I look forward to your early morning messages to give me a motivations boost each day!